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Pamela Peka

Pamela Peka stands as a prominent figure in the fields of IT, finance, and business. With a career spanning several decades, Pamela has consistently demonstrated her prowess as an inventor, innovator, and entrepreneur, leaving an indelible mark in various domains. Currently serving as the co-founder and partner of a financial business at Morgan Stanley Global, she is renowned for her remarkable achievements and specialties that encompass  innovation, advanced technology, data center management, ITIL, total cost of ownership (TCO), governance, analytics, security, digital transformation, SaaS, channel and supply chain management, sustainability, AI and ESG strategy.


Pamela embarked on her journey in the world of information technology at the beginning of her corporate career. Over the years, she has witnessed and actively contributed to the dynamic evolution of the IT landscape. In 1994, she expanded into the realm of finance, focusing on portfolio management, investing, and the intricate task of managing assets and portfolios for businesses, including the critical management of 401K plans. Her impact in both IT and finance has been profound, touching the lives and businesses of thousands, ranging from individual clients and entrepreneurs to Fortune 1,000 corporations.


One of Pamela's most noteworthy accomplishments was the co-founding of a high-net-worth client-focused group within Morgan Stanley Global. In 2007, she initiated this venture, and by 2017 she had successfully expanded its reach into 11 states to encompass approximately 40 states currently and achieve a global presence. Her enduring client relationships, spanning decades, underscore her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value to her clientele. She is renowned for her versatility, touching upon virtually every business sector, from private enterprises to publicly traded companies. Her expertise plays a pivotal role in reducing product costs and facilitating the rollout of diverse services to staff. Pamela's ability to optimize plan administration benefits both the individual and the firm.


Within the IT arena, Pamela focuses on orchestrating seamless transitions from data centers outward, driving automation of workflow, and integrating cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics for effective management. She recognizes the critical importance of aligning management objectives with a deep understanding of various business sectors and the needs of individuals, all while automating processes from the client's perspective. Whether it's streamlining operations in manufacturing, accounting, marketing, procurement, or enhancing customer experiences, Pamela continually seeks ways to simplify processes for the ultimate benefit of the customer.

Prior to her role at Morgan Stanley Global, Pamela co-founded and served as a partner at ValCom, where she introduced and patented groundbreaking software applications, namely WebSpoc and LORI. Her entrepreneurial journey reached new heights when ValCom was successfully sold to Connection Enterprise. Pamela subsequently assumed the role of a global executive at Connection, a position she continues to hold to this day.

Pamela’s academic and professional qualifications include attending Yale School of Management, serving on several private, public, and non-profit boards as an adviser and receiving certifications in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, ITIL, and PMP. She is S&P Board Certified, PMI Certified, and Total Quality Management Certified.

Pamela was also recognized as Leader of the Year, is a member of the Achievers Club, and a Top Talent recipient.


Pamela Peka
Co-Founder and Partner
Morgan Stanley Global

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