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Paolo Fidanza

A serial entrepreneur and aerospace engineer, Paolo Fidanza has been leading revolutionary technology companies for the past two decades. After realizing the challenges faced by those with little or no credit history, he dove into the fintech sector with a mission; to disrupt the credit paradigm by making financial inclusion a realty. In 2016, Paolo founded MO Technologies, the company developed an innovative credit scoring model that uses behavioral data to evaluate potential customers for financial institutions. The AI-based credit decision engine and nano/microcredit issuance platform—which does not require accessing personal information—quickly became one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world, powering millions of transactions. Utilizing the same technology, Paolo then cofounded KEO World in 2020. Based in Miami, Florida with operations expanding across the Americas, the fintech company grants consumers, small and medium businesses the opportunity to access credit on fair terms through an all-digital process, independently from their credit history. “I love to innovate and find solutions to problems that affect people’s everyday lives,” Paolo says. “Being able to contribute to financial inclusion is my main motivation!”


KEO’s credit offerings are disbursed through direct deposits, pre-paid and credit cards and can be obtained through KEO’s own lending platforms in the US and numerous regional partnerships with companies such as American Express, AB InBev, and Uber. Earlier this year, the company became the first nonfinancial issuer for American Express in Mexico—launching the KEO American Express PAYBACK Card to eight million members. AB InBev and KEO partnered to provide AB InBev merchants an alternative credit solution to purchase inventory. The partnership started in Colombia and the Dominican Republic — with three more countries across the Americas set to gain access to KEO credit by the end of the year. KEO will also soon be extending their Uber partnership to more markets in Latin America. The Uber KEO financing program began in Peru where drivers are already taking advantage of the short-term financing to help cover unforeseen needs.


Paolo holds experience within the technology, automotive, IT, telecommunications, social media, healthcare, and security industries. He was named the Best Fintech CEO of 2018 by FiNext and 2019’s Most Influential CEO in FinTech by CV Magazine.


Paolo Fidanza 

CEO and Cofounder

KEO World and MO Technologies




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