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Parand appears in the

Top 50 Women of 2019 and the Top 100 People in Real Estate magazines.

Parand Jalali

From a young age, Parand Jalali knew that she wanted to own her own business and become an entrepreneur. Her father immigrated to this country from Iran and worked diligently to build and run his own chiropractic office. While working with her father, she watched him create a successful business and knew that one day she would follow in his footsteps.

As an academically focused young woman, after tenth grade, Parand attended Richland Collegiate High School, a junior-senior dual credit charter high school where students could take college courses and earn college credits.  She attended community college after graduating and intended to continue her education in psychology.  Her focus changed however when she attended some training classes and was introduced to the forex market and the investment industry.  Parand explains that this changed her life and she followed a path to entrepreneurship. She moved to the Houston area and along with her husband, she founded Bellator Holdings LLC – a full service brokerage and consulting firm. They wanted to name their firm after something strong and powerful and decided on Bellator, which means warrior in Latin.

As the owner and top sales consultant for Bellator CRE, the real estate segment of the business, Parand works closely with both buyers and sellers to create an ideal pathway to the perfect residential or commercial property. She strives to achieve the perfect balance for clients on both sides of the real estate coin by using her knowledge and experience throughout the entire process.  She is diligent in her research of available properties, in establishing contacts and making new connections, and in building strong relationships with all of her clients.

Parand explains that as a consultant, she works closely with buyers to determine all of the criteria that they desire in a property.  She then reaches out directly to sellers or even potential sellers to see if they can strike a deal that is extremely amicable to both parties.  Today, as the real estate market in Houston is growing rapidly and commercial and residential property values continue to rise, Parand prides herself in working closely with her buyers to get them “the best deals under market value.”  Parand feels extremely proud that her clients really trust her and as a result of her diligence and dedication, she has created a loyal client following.


Parand Jalali

Co-Founder and Sales Consultant at Bellator Holdings LLC

5280 Caroline Street Houston, TX 77004

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