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Parvinder appears in the Top 100

People in Finance magazine.

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Parvinder Shergill

Parvinder Shergill brought with her, more than 20 years of international business expertise when she joined Blue Canyon Consulting, Inc., in February of 2021 as a managing partner. The Toronto-based management consulting firm works with businesses from small start-ups to mid-size corporations, providing business executives strategic direction on how to drive profitable growth. Fueled by desire to help people, Parvinder wields her over two decades financial leadership expertise and a wealth of international experience as a U.K. native to guide clients through new growth opportunities and help them create and capture more value for their businesses. With a focus on start-ups, she works with companies and C-suite leaders to gain clarity on core values and to formulate a strategy towards their highest vision, while valuing its greatest resource—people.  She provides guidance for post-acquisition to help align the corporate culture and build momentum towards the ultimate vision of the newly amalgamated organization.


It was while working in finance that Parvinder began to see that the real core of a company’s functionality wasn’t the money, but the people. “I started focusing on the people within the company—the leadership, the teams—and realized that was really the key to success of a company. Not how much money was invested, but the people. So today, my essence is to help small companies establish a solid foundation to prepare them to scale.  We can help companies formulate and execute on a plan to take them from start-up to IPO within 12-18months,” she says. To this end, she works with companies and employees of all levels to create a well-aligned team that works the best together, and provides guidance, recommendations, and toolkits to help create and maintain these teams with a multifaceted approach.  “I am committed to helping companies build an office culture that is both collaborative and high performing, providing a solid foundation for exponential growth.”


Prior to joining Blue Canyon, Parvinder founded a successful e-commerce business selling products manufactured in Canada, which allowed her to discover both her entrepreneurial spirit as well as her love of collaboration—key elements that she brings to her approach with her Blue Canyon clients. Raised in the U.K. and with an International Business MBA that saw her study in France, Parvinder also has the benefit of international and cross-cultural experience, which helps her navigate the needs and visions of companies all over the world. “I’m able to help people see cultural differences among diverse teams that may be preventing the team from working together in a highly productive manner. I help them improve communication and use their diversity to their advantage. It’s not just about business strategy; strategy means nothing if you don’t have the right team to execute it.” Combining financial and cultural know-how with a neuroscience-based approach, Parvinder helps teams cultivate organization as well as trust, so that each member feels valued and appreciated in the company.


While she inspires teams, she works with the engines that drive them—the CEOs and C-suite leaders responsible for setting the tone for their companies. “CEOs need to bring together a team that works well together and is aligned, and we help ensure that alignment, because if there’s no alignment, there’s no momentum,” she explains. “We make sure the mission is authentic, and truly reflects the company. That part is critical to the success of the team and the organization as a whole.”


“I really feel like this is my life’s calling,” Parvinder says. “My goal is to create great work environments for everybody. I want people to really enjoy their work, and when people feel part of that success, they get behind their CEOs vision, and that vision holds them together like glue. Then they feel fulfilled with their jobs, and are happy with their work, and they bring that happiness home with them.”


Parvinder Shergill

Partner — Blue Canyon Consulting, Inc.




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