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Patrick Kelly


Patrick Kelly is innovative, entrepreneurial, and influential in cybersecurity. He founded Gratitech and, pioneering AI-driven cyber defense. Gratitech is protecting your privacy and delivering robust, AI-powered defenses tailored for national and global clients that include fintech, healthcare, aerospace, and insurance heavyweights, with clients such as Berkshire Hathaway, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Chubb, Fannie Mae, and United Airlines.


Patrick has built a reputation for creating cutting-edge, risk-managed software designed to meet the unique needs of each customer. His expertise shines in delivering AI-powered application protection, cloud defense, and proactive vulnerability and risk management that finds and fixes vulnerabilities. His work extends beyond corporate partnerships, including collaborative projects with the U.S. Government and Department of Defense.


As an author, Patrick commits to shaping the next wave of cybersecurity talent, developing a comprehensive AI-powered, hands-on application security video course for, among other initiatives through Gratitech. His efforts are supported by a background in integrated studies and ongoing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science studies at Northwestern University.


In mid-2023, Gratitech introduced s3cr3tx, a versatile SaaS and on-premise product to protect you and your organization from breaches. It enhances existing secret management systems with additional encryption layers to secure sensitive data. Parallel to Gratitech's success, Patrick's venture,, incorporates advanced AI-powered software and SaaS products that find privacy-protected data transmitted or stored in clear-text and uses CNSA encryption and post-quantum safe cryptography solutions to reinforce digital security and protect privacy.


Beyond technology, Patrick creates music as the artist, “Patrick Agile” with 118 original songs under his music label, Tenacious Corporation. Patrick actively contributes to society through Gratitech Research And Charitable Endeavor Corporation. This non-profit focuses on AI safety, supporting neurodiversity, and promoting open-source software.


Patrick's cybersecurity wisdom is trusted by top financial, insurance, government, healthcare, software, SaaS startups, consulting, and aerospace organizations; in 2022 alone, he helped safeguard over $5 trillion in assets with Gratitech. His philosophy emphasizes proactive security, fortifying security in production, and ingraining security into development. Patrick’s approach has earned recognition in the industry, a recent feature in Entrepreneur Magazine, and selection as author of the AI-Powered Cyber Defense Course for


Patrick Kelly's career is marked by innovative leadership in cybersecurity, commitment to education, public safety, security, and a diverse portfolio of ventures that attest to his mission to advancing cyber protection and giving back to the community.


Patrick Kelly
Founder: Gratitech

Instagram: @OfficialPatrickAgile

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