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Paul De Bonis

n the competitive landscape of engagement marketing, few professionals have made an indelible mark quite like Paul De Bonis, the managing partner at TLC Worldwide, North America. For over 30 years, TLC Worldwide have spearheaded thousands of innovative reward campaigns for the world’s top brands. By connecting people with the experiences that match their passions, TLC programs drive proven results by capturing the imagination of their clients’ consumers everywhere.  

After joining TLC Worldwide 14 years ago, Paul now oversees the North American market and is part of a global leadership team that creates over 300 brand programs per year, in over 15 countries. His role is critical in steering the growth of the North American business and specializes in helping some of the world’s most recognized brands increase sales, drive acquisition, and maximize loyalty and engagement. Live programs today can be found with the UFC, Coca-Cola, YouTube, and Tommy Hilfiger, just to name a few.

Founded in 1991, TLC Worldwide has revolutionized the way brands engage with consumers. Their unique model offers experiences as rewards at a fraction of the real value, making it commercially viable for companies to reward every customer with higher values. TLC utilizes their Cosmos platform to provide real behavioral data from decades of experience informing clients which experiences and mechanics will work best for their specific need.

What distinguishes TLC Worldwide most from other MarTech companies is the largest curated global network of experiences. These proprietary networks are rooted in key categories of consumer passions and are built to excite and engage consumers by offering them things they love to do in their spare time as free rewards. Where we spend our time and our money on a daily or monthly basis is what we hold most valuable spanning travel, dining, entertainment, wellness, beauty, family activities and more! As an example, TLC Worldwide boasts over 50,000 restaurants in their dining network, over 1 million hotels worldwide in their travel network and thousands of live entertainment venues ranging from sporting events, concerts, movie theaters and more in their entertainment network.

TLC Worldwide’s ability to drive results through their unique high value reward propositions can be demonstrated in two examples—Tommy Hilfiger: ‘spend $250 this holiday season and get $250 in credit for travel,’ increasing sales over 84% and repeated over spring break with even better results. The UFC Fight Club: rewarding members with exclusive benefits such as early access to event tickets, hundreds of dollars in savings on travel, dining, fitness, and more, all year long. Membership continues to grow and spans 16 different countries.

Paul's expertise and passion have not only helped TLC Worldwide reach new heights, but have also contributed to a paradigm shift in how brands motivate consumer behavior. TLC Worldwide continues to innovate and lead in the realm of experiential rewards, setting new standards for consumer engagement in the process.

As TLC Worldwide looks to the future, they remain at the forefront of experiential marketing, with Paul De Bonis steering the ship in North America toward continued success and innovation.


Paul De Bonis

Managing Partner, North America

TLC Worldwide


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