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Paul “PJ” Prellwitz


Paul “PJ” Prellwitz, the president and founder of P4 Consulting Group, is a seasoned real estate professional with over two decades of experience in commercial construction and development. His expertise includes the oversight of active construction projects and the exploration of potential development opportunities. One of the differentiators of PJ is he has been on both sides of the table—the contractor side and the owner side—giving him an unparalleled ability to view projects from multiple angles. This broad understanding allows him to overcome the hurdles faced by all parties involved and synthesize innovative solutions.

Another of PJ's distinguishing qualities is his holistic approach to real estate projects. He exceeds client expectations by providing other essential services, such as helping commercial tenants with leases and buildouts and partnering with equity firms and performing oversight of capital deployments. In an industry where many professionals focus solely on development or single product type, PJ has created a one-stop solution for his clients, ensuring their projects reach the finish line seamlessly. And, PJ's commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. He was recognized as one of San Diego's 50 Influential Leaders in 2018, an accolade that reflect his dedication to staying at the forefront of his field and making a significant impact in the industry.

For PJ, construction and development are more than just business; they are a passion. He revels in the process of transforming a simple idea sketched on a napkin into a tangible, impressive reality. The Brixton Cove project perfectly illustrates his ability to align form and function with creativity. The project involved the complete transformation of the local landmark, Chart House Building, in Solana Beach. Originally constructed and designed in the 1950s as a movie theater, PJ breathed life into the dated facility and revived it as modern open office space, without losing any of the building's original charm. He recalls, "I was basically given pretty pictures of how they wanted it to look and told to go make it happen. When you get into a building that old, it’s about wanting to respect its character, but also being sensitive to a budget, a schedule, and trying to bring all that together."

As for P4 Consulting Group, its core objective is to be a value-add partner for anyone embarking on a real estate project, whether companies or individuals. Operating throughout the United States, the company boasts an impressive portfolio of 1,200 units built and over $720 million of work put in place. Specializing in complex buildouts, renovations, and repositioning, they have completed largescale developments such as broadcast facilities, office spaces, retail developments, multi-family, industrial complexes, and automotive dealerships, among others. Yet, despite their ability to handle massive projects, PJ and his team pride themselves on being a small company, which allows them to pivot and be flexible for their clients.



Paul “PJ” Prellwitz
President and Founder
P4 Consulting Group

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