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Pauline Caballero

If someone were to coin a phrase that encompassed a sense of nurturing, altruistic philanthropy, and the genuine desire to help others live their very best life, that phrase might be Pauline Caballero. And though personal success may not have been what she was seeking when she got into the health and wellness industry, it certainly has found her. She is not only co-founder of Power Yoga Canada, but also the author of a best-selling book, Pivot: Change Isn’t Coming, It’s Here, as well as president of bluboho, a woman-run jewelry company offering sustainable luxury jewelry.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, which is why, when Pauline couldn’t find a place to practice yoga, she created one. Thirteen years and 15 studios later, she hopes to soon expand into the United States. Their success, she says, comes from being “mission driven, not profit driven,” which is why they’ve kept their focus on hot power yoga and mindful meditation. The core value of Power Yoga Canada is empowering communities into action through personal transformation. Their “secret sauce” is the way in which they create a sense of belonging, of connection, of community to those that come to practice with them. But it doesn’t stop there. Each studio also connects with local and international charitable organizations to share yoga with those that may not otherwise have access to it.

That same commitment to growth and development is also the basis of her book and coaching program, Pivot: Change Isn’t Coming, It’s Here, which outlines five strategic practices to support readers through life’s changes. This same idea is carried through to the designs of bluboho, particularly the serpent-inspired Revival Collection, which symbolizes rebirth and renewal. Each of their delicate designs has a story and a meaning intended to inspire and uplift. Pauline’s ongoing quest to see others succeed seems to know no bounds, as evidenced by her personal involvement with nonprofits, sitting on the board of the Rise High Foundation, and other activities. But that’s just who she is—a champion for the success of anyone she can reach.

Pauline Caballero

Co-founder and President— Power Yoga Canada and BluBoho


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Pauline Caballero






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