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Paulo appears in the Top 100

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Paulo Pique

As a diversified entrepreneur with extensive experience in the renewable energy space, Paulo Pique has built, managed, and facilitated over 25 MW of residential and commercial solar installations across Canada. Throughout his 13 years of working in the solar industry, his responsibilities have ranged from operations and construction management, financial and operational strategy, quality and risk management, and overall process improvement. Today, as co-founder and chief executive officer of Sundial Energy Group, Paulo continues to maintain his track record as an industry leader bringing top-quality performance and proven results.


With main headquarters based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada, Sundial Energy Group is a leading distributer of sustainable energy solutions. “The vision of our company is to create a new profession for the renewable industry, consisting of advisors and educators that people can trust. We want clients to feel comfortable coming to us for expert advice on off-setting utility costs by utilizing renewable energy solutions,” Paulo explains. Free custom renewable studies for your property and/or home is easily available coast to coast to residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients. By offering advisement as well as a selection of energy efficient products, Sundial team members can reach their ultimate goal of helping clients plan for the future.


Sundial also designs, engineers, and manufactures their own ground mount racking products for solar panel systems. Sundial’s patented and Canadian made racking products are specifically designed for Saskatchewan weather events, automatically qualifying it for anywhere in North America and the rest of the world. “While we could have built to “engineering specs” with lighter materials, something that is seen all the time in our competition’s products, we purposely overbuild our frame from the ground up. We build our products with 100% structural grade steel, all welded by CWB journey welders. We don’t cheap out and it shows. We also provide unprecedented warranty to back up our workmanship. Maintaining our product to be manufactured locally, allows us to hire qualified specialty trades that have experienced layoffs in the oilfield and can apply their existing skill sets to renewable energy projects. We are well prepared to accept, train and deploy anyone who carries the skill sets or is looking for a career change in renewables to join our growing authorized contractor network,” says Paulo. One of Sundial’s missions is putting people back to work and another is creating Canadian-made products.


Another niche is Sundial’s ability to understand the farming business as well as access to smaller communities. Many small generational farms are expanding, and there are also thousands of “farmers” who are an important demographic for the company. As a result, Sundial formed a strategic partnership with the CO-OP, one of the largest providers of retail goods, fuel and agricultural inputs. The partnership was formed to introduce and provide turnkey solar power solutions to Cooperative Retail System (CRS) consumers. CRS consumers will now have the option to access solar power solutions through their local Home or Ag Center. “For 90 years the CO-OP has been standardizing industries and supporting communities in Western Canada,” says Paulo “Partnering with FCL and the CRS fits with Sundial’s core values” “By offering complementary and innovative options to the products and services already provided by retail Co-ops, we are confident that this partnership will help improve the overall customer experience, strengthen the renewable energy industry and speak to the vision of building sustainable communities together,” adds Mr. Pique. This partnership expands Sundial Energy Group’s market reach across Western Canada, while also supporting FCL and the CRS’s efforts to lead the retail sector by providing a sustainable energy solution to CRS consumers, continuing their efforts to educate, build, diversify and stabilize their industry for future generations.

A new program set to hit the market called Sundial 360 will be the lifeline for most industries looking to diversify and produce additional revenue during these trying times. Sundial Energy Group created this program to help existing companies develop their renewable catalogue and cater to the end-user by providing renewable energy packages that will enable consumers to purchase solar power systems through their trusted contractors or companies they purchase or have purchased from. Sundial Energy Group has designed a program that requires no associate training or knowledge of solar power systems to execute. “If you are a business that has struggled to adapt to the market changes or just simply are looking to enter a new emerging industry, our business specialists will be happy to educate you on the benefits of plugging your existing business into our platform. “Will introduce you to the solar industry and provide you with the tools to succeed while you still focus on your core business,” says Paulo. Businesses, big or small from a magnitude of different industries who serve the end-user will benefit from the 360 platform. With all the industry and business knowledge Sundials executive management team has, businesses will appreciate gaining access to a fully integrated operation right at their fingertips.

One of Paulo’s favorite quotes is from Plato who said, “Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” Taking the philosophers words to heart Paulo’s good actions continue to inspire his teammates. Under his leadership, Sundial has earned to be one of the largest solar providers in Canada, recognized for custom products, design and fabrication, state of the art project management, installation best practices, quality assurance and unique approaches towards managing customer expectations.




Paulo Pique

Co-founder and CEO

Sundial Energy Group

2303 4th Street SW, Suite 300

Calgary, Alberta T2S 2S7 Canada


LinkedIn:    |

Facebook:     ꟾ    @sundialenergygroup

Instagram: @sundialenergygroup

Twitter: @SundialEnrgyGrp

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