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Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Peter Hatt


Peter Hatt’s commercial drywall and steel stud framing company, Westpoint Drywall Ltd., has been in a constant state of growth as they serve clients in their home province of Alberta and beyond. As the founder and CEO, Peter ensures each client receives a flawless finished product and dependable service that wraps up on time and on budget. “I know from my own experience as a real estate investor that everything has to be perfect and pristine,” Peter, who himself has flipped over 25 properties, says. “Details matter tremendously.”

Since its founding in 2014, Westpoint Drywall has completed hundreds of projects, seen significant repeat business, and been recognized for quality, excellence, and performance. Peter and his team excel in managing multiple diverse projects and client schedules, once handling four apartment buildings simultaneously. Whether it’s specialty framing, ceilings, or interior systems construction, the Westpoint team takes pride in everything they do, down to the last detail.

Peter’s passion for construction started at just 18, with his first job preparing ceilings. Though he earned a journalism degree, his journey ultimately led back to construction, working as a form carpenter on high-rises, installing specialty ceilings in Bermuda, and finally to the founding of Westpoint. “I’ve always enjoyed the look on the client’s face when we’ve finished a project and they’re so pleased,” he says. “It really pulls on your heart strings and is such an immensely satisfying feeling, personally and professionally. I get that feeling after every single project.”



Peter Hatt

Founder & CEO — Westpoint Drywall Ltd.


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