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Pino appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Pino Decina


Pino Decina has over 30 years of experience working in the Canadian banking industry, holding various positions, including executive-level roles. His focus has largely been on a specific sector of the vast residential mortgage market. When he left institutional banking to launch his own companies in 2018, Abbey Ridge Mortgage Investment Corporation and Falcon Ridge Management Limited, his focus remained the same: to give Canadians, more specifically, Ontarians, the opportunity to invest in mortgage loans.


Since Abbey Ridge and Falcon Ridge are private companies, they are not regulated to the same degree as institutional banks. Nonetheless, the companies operate with the highest standards of prudent risk and portfolio management. As president of both businesses, Pino is responsible for developing, implementing, and achieving annual strategic plans. One crucial choice he made was to locate both organizations in Vaughan, Ontario. This area allows him and his team to best service both their mortgage clients and investor base, which is concentrated in Southern Ontario, and more specifically, Greater Toronto.


We recently sat down with Pino to learn more about his two companies, what they offer investors and the underserved mortgage market, and what he finds most rewarding about his work.


How important have mentors been for you?


I've been in this business for over three decades and have worked for several major Canadian banks. I learned many years ago that it is important to have excellent leaders, with those leaders being, above all else, approachable. I have been fortunate enough to work with many dynamic individuals and some of the industry's sharpest minds. I've learned a lot from my colleagues; they've shaped my career, and, to a large degree, they've also shaped who I am.


Tell us more about Abbey Ridge Mortgage Investment.


Abbey Ridge is a mortgage investment corporation focused on the residential mortgage space, particularly the underserved mortgage market. We serve individuals who don't quite meet the traditional qualifications of the banks, and so they look to us for mortgage solutions. I've assembled an experienced team to navigate this large market and targeted a niche segment within our desired risk appetite. We are focused on highly marketable real estate in Southern Ontario, providing our investors a low-risk investment with above-average returns.


How does Falcon Ridge Management fit in?


At Abbey Ridge, we provide solid and sustainable long-term returns to Investors. The Abbey Ridge loan portfolio is managed by Falcon Ridge Management Ltd, a provincially licensed mortgage administrator. Falcon Ridge MGMT, through its experienced and dedicated team, is focused on underwriting, originating, and managing a loan portfolio under the highest level of standards and principles.


What can the company provide to potential investors and their goals?


We've developed a proprietary lending model that is built on years of experience, years of successes, and years of challenges in the economic framework of the real estate market. So, when we created this model, it was purposely fluid and nimble, and able to quickly respond to the ever-changing mortgage and real estate market. The business model delivers a portfolio which is robust and resilient-one which performs not only in a stable real estate market but also one which can withstand headwinds that inevitably occur in the real estate market cycles. We don't look for short-term wins; we look for portfolios which meet our investors' prudent long-term objectives.


What sets your company apart from the rest?


That's easy to answer; it's the people who work here. Collectively, there are over 50 years of industry experience at both Abbey Ridge MIC and Falcon Ridge MGMT. It is a truly dynamic team. I am privileged to be a part of this amazing group– to see how my colleagues interact with one another, their clients, and their business partners is so very rewarding—they have a passion for what they do and for what they deliver each and every day, excellence in every sense of the word.


What do you enjoy most about your work?


I enjoy many things, but the most rewarding thing about this business is that we have the opportunity to help people each and every day . We have the chance to help Canadians finance the house of their dreams. When you think about it, a home is the most significant investment individuals make in life, so when you can help people with this, or be an integral part of the process, it is extremely rewarding. This, above all, is the best part of what I do.


Pino Decina

President & Founder

Falcon Ridge Management Limited/Abbey Ridge Mortgage Investment Corporation



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