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Pip Dhaliwal


In the ever-evolving landscape of mortgage financing, Pip Dhaliwal, the visionary CEO of Freedom Capital, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the industry. His journey, from a single-person venture to a thriving team, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to providing innovative solutions in the alternative mortgage market.


Founded in 2010, Freedom Capital swiftly emerged as the largest national alternative mortgage brokerage, operating with licenses spanning across British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. The brokerage's unique focus on the alternative and commercial mortgage sectors marks it as the sole Canadian brokerage dedicated to these niches on a national scale.


Pip's motivation to establish Freedom Capital stemmed from a discerning observation of the financing market's shortcomings. Frustrated clients facing rejections due to inflexible conventional lending guidelines and bureaucratic hurdles inspired him to embark on a journey of reshaping the status quo. As he recalls, "I saw a void that needed to be filled. Clients were being passed over, and I recognized the potential for alternative solutions. Our approach is one that acknowledges developers as more than entrepreneurs and empowers them to seize opportunities without compromise.”


We spoke with Pip to learn more about Freedom Capital and their astounding success.


Pip, can you start by telling us about Freedom Capital's unique position in the mortgage brokerage landscape?


Certainly. Freedom Capital stands as the largest national alternative mortgage brokerage in Canada. Our reach extends across BC, Alberta, and Ontario, setting us apart as the sole brokerage dedicated exclusively to the alternative and commercial mortgage sectors on a national scale.


Your tagline, "When the Banks Say No, Freedom Capital Says Yes," is quite intriguing. How do you manage to deliver on this promise?


Our approach is built on innovation and collaboration. We address a significant void in the financing market by providing alternative solutions. Traditional lending often involves stringent criteria and bureaucratic hurdles, leading to frustrated clients. We offer higher loan amounts, require less equity, and maintain competitive rates. Moreover, we emphasize speed, with a typical 48-hour approval turnaround.


Your journey from one-person to a large team in just three years is impressive. Could you tell us more about your growth strategy?


Absolutely. Our growth is underpinned by our commitment to understanding the broader context of real estate and financing. We've funded over 1 billion in mortgage volume in the past decade. This success stems from perceiving upcoming areas and communities with potential for investment. Our grasp of rezoning and construction cycles further distinguishes us, allowing us to take the stress out of financing and guide clients in making informed decisions.


What makes Freedom Capital a go-to choice for developers, especially when compared to larger banks?


Developers often encounter challenges when seeking financing from larger banks. These institutions tend to focus solely on numbers, often failing to appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit of developers. At Freedom Capital, we see beyond the balance sheets. We become integral parts of our clients' teams, advocating for their aspirations. Our advisors offer not just options but unwavering support, coupled with industry insights and connections.


How does your team's expertise contribute to Freedom Capital's offerings?


Our advisors are seasoned experts in their fields. Their deep industry knowledge ensures that we present clients with the best options available. Our understanding of real estate, coupled with insights into emerging trends and communities, enables us to offer creative and effective solutions.


With your rapid growth, how do you maintain the personalized approach that seems to be your hallmark?


Our personalized approach is at the core of our identity. While we've grown as a team, we've remained steadfast in treating each client as a unique individual. This commitment to understanding their ambitions and challenges is the cornerstone of our success.


Looking ahead, what's on the horizon for Freedom Capital?


Our focus remains on innovation and expansion. We're continuously exploring new avenues to better serve our clients. As the real estate landscape evolves, we'll be right there, adapting and providing the solutions our clients need.


In closing, what message would you like to convey to potential clients and partners?


To those seeking financing or collaboration, know that Freedom Capital is more than a brokerage. We're a dedicated partner in your journey. Our success is intertwined with yours, and we're here to say "yes" when others might hesitate.


Pip Dhaliwal
CEO: Freedom Capital


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