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Piyush appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Piyush Kumar, P.Eng


Based in Kitchener, Ontario since 1945, S.G. Smallwood Inc. has been focused on the design, manufacturing, and sale of electromagnetics across numerous industries. They have been a leading designer and manufacturer of custom magnetics which includes transformers, inductors, and related windings. In 2021, Piyush Kumar took ownership of the company putting S.G. Smallwood in a position of greater growth and leadership.


At just 31 years old, Piyush and his family acquired the company with the intention of scaling, empowering, and transforming the company culture. “We took the handcuffs off our talent and empowered them so that they can do their best work,” he says. “Because of that, we were able to double the size of the company in less than a year, and we have plans to continue expediting our growth.” Those plans include certifications for AS9100D (aerospace) and controlled goods (defense) industries, for which the facility is currently undergoing the certification process. Piyush’s market experience as a co-founder of several startups and his work at General Motors allowed him the opportunity to develop a strong skillset in lean manufacturing and production efficiencies including sales and finance. This progress, however, would not be possible without the company’s 78 years of industry excellence and service to the electronics, communications, power supply, and measurement market sectors. Together, these opportunities have prepared Piyush to take on his current role, which requires him to lead and inspire his team on a day-to-day basis.

S.G. Smallwood prioritizes their meticulously designed and engineered products, which reflect specific, high-end applications, including magnetics for ground communication systems for NASA’s Artimus rocket, and a microgravity experiment for the International Space Station. “If you have a very specialized machine, that’s where our products are used,” Piyush says. And he’s excited to continue S.G. Smallwood’s dedication to full-service design and close collaboration with customers to create their dream magnetics products in a one-stop shop.

“What I enjoy most is working with driven and passionate people. I believe I have the best team in the industry” he says. “The driving factor is to create something bigger than the sum of everyone here, to add value to society, and give back to the community I’ve grown up in.”


Piyush Kumar, P.Eng

President & CEO — S.G. Smallwood Inc.



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