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Poornima appears in the Top 100
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Poornima Ramamoorthy

Earlier this year, TA Digital, a digital transformation company, was acquired by Omnicom. In her role as TA Digital’s global VP of finance, Poornima Ramamoorthy helped seal the deal. She managed the due diligence, created investor presentations, and worked closely with the company’s C-suite as they navigated the acquisition. All her experience shaping financial strategy for prior firms had prepared her for this moment. Her time had come.

As a young girl growing up in a small town in India, she knew was going to work hard and make her own path, but she could not have predicted this path. From an early age, she believed in the power of education and hard work, and fiercely challenged gender stereotypes. She was and remains determined to show the world that women make great leaders, and to be a role model for young girls and minorities.


Now, as a working mother, Poornima knows well the additional challenges women face in the workplace and the sacrifices they make to stay focused on their professional goals. These experiences have made her stronger and more determined, leading to her depth and mastery as a leader, and pushing her to the top of her field.

Her management style is to lead by example, and she can usually be found at the vanguard of the action. She says there is no shortcut to success. Hard work and reliability get you there. You set goals and stay committed to them, even when things get tough. However, finding balance between work and personal life is very important. Making sure to schedule “me time,” she says, is essential for maintaining focus.


Her personal philosophies for professional development have proven effective and earned her TA Digital’s Outstanding Achievement Award (2020) and Above and Beyond Award (2022) for consistently exceeding expectations. While she appreciates these affirmations of her hard work, she notes, “This would not have been possible without the unwavering support of my family or my strong team that stands behind me and supports everything I do.”

Poornima holds an MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management (Chennai) and an MS in business analytics from the University of Michigan.


Poornima Ramamoorthy
Vice President — TA Digital

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