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Adi appears in the Top 100

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Prakhar Aditya “Adi” Dwivedi

Prakhar Aditya “Adi” Dwivedi is an entrepreneur by both profession and passion. His innovative approach, complemented by his gift for problem-solving, has driven his success for over a decade. Today, Adi is the founder and CEO of the Ontario-based firm, Prepbox, a front runner in the e-commerce fulfillment industry.


Prepbox is helping customers in Canada and in the US to scale-up their operations by acting as a custodian of their products, providing storage and warehousing, and offering cost-effective shipping with effective returns management to end-consumers around the world.


Prepbox has a fulfillment warehouse, brimming with inventory that includes packages for Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Wayfair, and a host of other well-known marketplaces. It is essentially a paradise for e-commerce sellers with a wide array of product categories that run the gamut from electronics to apparel, arts and crafts supplies, health products, toys and games, and many other product categories. As part of a unified fulfillment network, which enables global access through strong connections across four continents and ten different fulfillment locations, Prepbox broadens their customer’s reach and exposure and facilitates access to all markets.


Adi firmly believes that the world has reached a stage where companies are no longer competing with each other. “It’s the supply chain strength of a company that differentiates it. Every business, process, transaction, or communication has only one common thread; relationships. I have developed integral relationships and nurtured them, gaining valuable experience while attaining the self-confidence necessary to move forward and create my own company,” Adi explains.


Adi is a unique leader with an approach that is focused on, and built upon, learning. He prefers logic and reasoning to a philosophy founded by inconsistent competition or comparisons.


Adi considers Prepbox a ‘growth partner’ to its clients, rather than a ‘service partner’ and strives to create success stories that give meaning to the larger goal. He is constantly motivated to achieve greatness, which is apparent in his accomplishments and reputation. Prior to starting Prepbox, Adi served in key roles for a variety of multinational companies, including IT giants like Oracle.



Adi Dwivedi

Founder and CEO — Prepbox 

1107 Westport Crescent, Unit B, Mississauga, Ontario L5T 1E8 Canada





Download the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine and check out Adi's feature on page 19.

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