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Pramit Mukherjee

Pramit Mukherjee brings his wealth of experience to Legal & General America where he was hired in August as a Senior Investment Manager of the firm’s US Pension Risk Transfer business, which wrote $1.6 billion in premiums in 2020, and Protection business, which issued more than $57 billion in new coverage in 2020. In his role, Pramit leads the research on new asset classes and implements new investment strategies that offer attractive risk/return profiles in a capital-efficient framework. He continues to develop thought leadership in his new role as he has done previously.

Prior to joining Legal & General America, Pramit helped build a reinsurance company in New York from scratch, which accumulated nearly $1 billion AUM in only a few years focusing on investments in private and structured credit and real estate. He also developed robust portfolio and risk management frameworks to ensure sustainability and profitability. Pramit’s diverse background includes an equity analyst and portfolio strategist with Goldman Sachs, where he constructed thematic investment ideas for institutional investors like pension funds, insurance companies, and asset managers. He was on the team that created GS thematic ETFs and developed M&A probability framework for equity price targets. Pramit’s first job was with Credit Suisse as an investment banking analyst, covering consumer and retail sectors, and was an integral part of major consumer M&A and IPO deals, including Heineken’s acquisition of Asia Pacific Breweries in 2012.

Pramit has been in finance since he graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in 2010.  He further expanded his skillset with an MBA from NYU Stern in 2018. He has been building a considerable career ever since with investment roles at prestigious firms, and as a member of FIIN, LSTA’s Business Loan Coalition, and CREFC, and a speaker and panelist at investment conferences by IMN and SCI. Pramit is passionate about investment management as it allows him to explore unconventional routes and encourage his motivated, entrepreneurial nature. It also allows him to build long-lasting relationships in his career. But most of all, his inspiration comes from the humility of his industry peers and experts. “I try to live up to their standards,” he says, “to always be grounded and humble.”

Pramit’s hobbies include painting, cooking different cuisines, mentoring students and young professionals, and fitness. His interests include non-profit activities like Charity Water and Child Rights and You (CRY). He was a Community Team Works Champion at Goldman Sachs, supporting underprivileged communities. Additionally, Pramit is an animal rights activist and a member of People for Animals (PFA).


Pramit Mukherjee

Senior Investment Manager — Legal & General America

Office: 750 Washington Boulevard, Stamford, CT 06901

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