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Pranay appears in the Top 50

Australian Professionals Magazine

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Pranay Kumar

Over the past 20 years, Pranay Kumar has established his position as a robust and dependable leader of Australian operation of the State Bank of India while working tirelessly to form, enhance, and define the company’s brand across Australia. Previously working within SBI, he has filled multiple roles within the organization, working his way to the senior position. He now holds the title of CEO of the Australian branch of SBI, responsible for ensuring its success in corporate finance, wholesale banking, project financing, deal structuring, and most importantly, adding value to customer service.

The State Bank of India is a more than 200 years old and maintains a primary focus on mass banking, while still concentrating on personalized banking and other related areas. In 1955, when the bank became central to Indian companies, its influence began to spread. The company now has more than 230 offices around the globe in 32 different countries, including UK, U.S., Australia, Singapore, Africa, Japan, South Korea, and China.

Even in the wake of the company’s bountiful success, Pranay maintains his focus on the customers best interests. The value he creates is not solely monetary; it allows patrons to feel secure, knowing they are banking with an institution of the highest standards and one with a stellar reputation. This approach also reassures shareholders, not only of the bank’s stability, but of Pranay’s proficiency in his role.

In complement of an already inspiring skillset, Pranay is also a certified financial crime specialist, a qualification few people in the industry have. His experience with the investigation of financial crimes and fraud also allows him to mitigate risk, which translates to stabilized operations, as well as improved overall efficiency. For Pranay and the State Bank of India, the quality of the service they provide is part of a bigger picture than merely banking itself. When customers place funds in their hands, they are entrusting them with a large portion of their livelihood. SBI takes precautions to guarantee that customer’s trust is held with care and that they can depend on their bank throughout their lives. Pranay muses, “Above all, our larger role is to take care of people as they progress throughout their life cycle, striving to create as much value as possible.”

Pranay received an executive MBA with a focus on international finance from S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research and completed the Program on Mergers & Acquisition at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India. He is an alumnus of the Harvard Business Club in Australia.

Pranay Kumar

CEO — State Bank of India, Australia


Download the magazine and see Pranay's feature on page 44.

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