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Professor Jonathan Morris

Jonathan Morris is a nationally recognized REIT expert with nearly three decades of executive real estate and REI experience. As a former chief investment officer and executive for three public REITs, he acquired, financed, and capitalized over $4 billion in transactions—with performance beating pro forma in every case. For the past 10 years, Jonathan has been giving back to the industry as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, where he has taught hundreds of graduate students over his career. Most recently, Jonathan founded REIT Academy in response to growing requests from industry professionals and executives to gain specific knowledge of the REIT sector and the REITs themselves. Set to launch in April 2021, the new educational platform will encompass a global perspective of REITs in the U.S, the Pacific Rim, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. “More and more people were asking me to start this class, and I realized that there is a vacuum at the highest level of REIT education, so I decided to launch the academy. It’s a very deep dive into the study of REITs,” he says.

As the academy’s managing director, Jonathan will work in conjunction with an advisory board of several industry professionals to provide a series of online courses taught live via Zoom. The program will begin with The Executive REIT Masterclass, an in-depth, 12-week study of public REITs from inception to conversion and beyond. For approximately $2,500, students will also learn the differences between a private and a public format, how public REITs became popular, how a private company converts to an UPREIT, ways to accomplish growth, and much more.

Team members are currently setting up monthly international podcasts, and, in time, they will record REIT Academy’s online classes, which will allow people to take them at their convenience. “Every course at REIT Academy is developed in the spirit of top-level REIT education,” says Jonathan. “The best award I receive is positive feedback from students and former students who have used the tools I taught them to succeed in their careers and in life.”



Professor Jonathan Morris
Founder and Managing Director
REIT Academy
Washington, D.C.

Jonathan Morris
Adjunct Professor
Georgetown University
Real Estate Investment Trusts
Master’s of Real Estate Program

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