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Pushpinder and Harpreet appear in the Top 100 Canadian

Professionals magazine.

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Pushpinder and Harpreet Puri

Canadian L.I.C. Inc is a personal insurance and investments corporation offering a spectrum of suitable products for various individual needs through the expertise of their brokers. Under the diligent and able leadership of Pushpinder and Harpreet Puri, Canadian L.I.C. has set high standards of service, reputable expertise, and diligent growth.  


This new age and young corporation is poised to set new standards of customer service, compliance, and team recognition through product knowledge, technology and sustainability. The Top 100 Magazine recently had the pleasure of speaking with this talented and dynamic couple. The conversation was both exhilarating and visionary.


What brought about the formation of the Company?


Since Harpreet had been in the business since 2010, and my Canadian education and skills were directed towards technology platforms and business modelling, we decided it was time to set off on our own.


Consequently, Canadian L.I.C. was founded in 2018 and deals with some of the biggest names in the business such as Manulife, BMO, RBC, IA Financial Group, Equitable, and Foresters, to name a few. The brokerage provides financial advice and insurance as well as investments and asset management solutions for individuals, families, and businesses. Solutions offered by the brokerage use individual insurance and investment products in addition to combinations of them to secure and grow clients’ portfolios as well as to protect their livelihoods.


Elaborate on your company’s current portfolio of clients?


The company’s visionary approach to clients intricately engages with them over their life cycle and phases of needs. Often commencing with young married couples, the company facilitates setting up their mortgage protection plans.  Then, once they have children, needs analysis and solutions extend to education plans and life insurance policies. Further on in the life cycle, the focus shifts to retirement and assisting the couple with both long-term and short-term goals and what is needed to achieve them. A client’s business environment not only encompasses estate planning by the brokerage, but the team of experts also work with client’s attorneys on buy-sell agreements and other similar matters. Whether individuals, families, or businesses, Canadian L.I.C. clients are guided every step of the way.


What motivated you as founders?


The combination of skills between Harpreet and I, firmly lead us to believe that setting up a Brokerage was the right step. Whereas I had skills in business modelling, leadership, strategy, technology, team building and scalability; Harpreet had exemplary Industry product knowledge, related skills in sales and advisory services, and an award-winning performance and recognition background spanning ten years. Together, it was the right mix to commence a new age Corporation through innovative business models.  


Tell us more about your work life balance –


Both of us had a comfortable partnership in business and our personal environments, taking it in turns to give the required family time to our children while pursuing our advanced Canadian education and certifications. We excelled in our individual career tracks before finally deciding that the time was right to consolidate our skills and commence the Brokerage. 


What is your Winning Edge?


Harpreet’s recognition in the industry kept her on the competitive edge of awards such as Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), while my leadership and visionary talents have the company already competing for the Top 6 Producers in Ontario with a current ranking of #5* despite being a young brokerage founded only two years ago.


We both know that product knowledge and needs analysis with consultative selling is the key to team success with technology being a critical enabler for quality, consistency, and scalability. Much of our resources are deployed in making this happen in the organization’s daily work environment.


In furtherance, we have enhanced our motivational and life goal aspirations by becoming a LICENSEE to Grant Cardone’s repository of infinite tips to a successful career.  Motivational and directional speakers such as Grant Cardone are one of the many methodologies that Canadian L.I.C. embodies in their work culture. This and the strong will to excel sets Canadian L.I.C. apart from other brokerages. The company’s DNA is built around putting all the moving parts together in an innovative people and technology package with product knowledge and motivation as the nucleus. A compelling business outlook indeed!


What are your future Plans?


The company intends to obtain licenses for other provinces and extend its footprints across Canada. COVID slowed down these plans in the short term, but the next few years will see the Brokerage progress on a national scale. 


*Data provided by MGA, one of the contests run by a leading insurance company



Pushpinder Puri, CEO │Harpreet Puri, CEO, FA

Canadian Leading Insurance Company, Inc.

2969 Bovaird Drive E., Unit 2

Brampton, ON L6S 0C6



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