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Q Hamirani


Q Hamirani, an accomplished executive and people leader, has left an indelible mark on the corporate landscape, from scaling startups to steering Fortune 500 companies. With a nonlinear career path that defies convention, Q's journey has granted him invaluable organizational acumen, complemented by his unwavering passion for technology and building companies from the ground up.


Currently serving as the chief people officer at Paper, an educational technology company, Q oversees all facets of the people team, ranging from talent acquisition and internal communications for a workforce of over 3000 employees. He leads a large team of talented individuals, working collectively towards fostering organizational growth and retention.


Q commenced his career at Deloitte as digital transformation consultant. This formative role allowed him to cultivate crucial interpersonal skills, particularly on a global scale, further propelling his trajectory towards leadership positions. Notably, Q held the esteemed position of global people leader at Airbnb, where he played a pivotal role in doubling the company's size during his tenure. Under his guidance, Airbnb achieved the momentous feat of going public in 2020, simultaneously introducing pioneering programs that set new industry standards.


Beyond his professional endeavors, Q has dedicated himself to a noble cause by serving on the board of a nonprofit organization for the past seven years. He is a respected executive coach and advisor to numerous founders and startups respectively.


Q holds a degree in electrical engineering with a minor in international studies as well as an MBA with a focus on global strategy and innovation.


Q Hamirani
Chief People Officer: Paper

Instagram: @QHamirani

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