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Rafael Contreras Sweet

Trial Attorney

Rafael appears in the 
Top 100 Attorneys Magazine

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Rafael Contreras Sweet

Rafael Contreras Sweet’s law firm isn’t called ‘Sweet Justice’ as simply a clever twist on his last name. As a plaintiff’s attorney specializing in personal injury, justice is the goal of every case he takes on. He has the ability to get his clients the justice they deserve because he has a special advantage.


When he started practicing law in 2008, Mr. Sweet, a UCLA and Loyola Law School graduate, defended insurance companies and large corporations in personal injury cases. This experience gave him unique insight into the tactics used by those who are now his legal opponents as they try to deny and minimize the claims of individuals—the very people Mr. Sweet now represents. After representing corporations and insurance companies for seven years, Sweet switched to the plaintiff side of the courtroom and eventually started Sweet Justice. Serving clients throughout California, he specializes in a variety of cases, including slip-and-falls, motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, and traumatic brain injury. “I find it much more rewarding to help individuals as opposed to large companies,” he says. “I anticipate the common arguments defense attorneys will make, and I understand the challenges of dealing with insurance companies which allows me to develop winning strategies. One of the most satisfying things is helping the wronged and injured to get the results they deserve.”


In the first year of having his own practice, Rafael Sweet quickly had success against large insurance companies. Inarguably, his legal expertise, strategic prowess, and fluency in Spanish bring his clients confidence and peace of mind. Moreover, his impressive record of success lies in his fearlessness to litigate cases and push a case to trial—a tactic many attorneys avoid. And while he’s clearly an experienced contender in the courtroom, Rafael continues to approach every case with responsibility and humility, and looks to his faith for guidance. “As a Christian, I want to help the injured through tough times,” he says. “I am mindful that even though this might be my thousandth case, it could be the only case in my client’s life. My goal is to let them focus on healing, while I fight to get them the ‘sweet justice’ they deserve.”


Rafael Sweet

Trial Attorney —


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