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Rama Prasad, PhD

In 2016, Rama Prasad, a brilliant electromechanical engineer with an impressive background in large global IT corporations, embarked on an unconventional journey. At 45 years old, she decided to break away from the traditional career path and venture into the world of entrepreneurship. Realizing that her vast experience in consumer electronic products could be channeled into creating something unique and innovative, she founded Teqnizan Inc., a Minnesota-based start-up with a groundbreaking vision.


Teqnizan Inc.’s flagship product, earrings with full audio function and Bluetooth connectivity, captured the imagination of consumers everywhere. These earrings not only allow wearers to enjoy hands-free convenience, but also ensure that urgent calls and music are always within reach, clear and secure. With optimized sound levels, the audio quality is exceptional within two inches of the earrings, while being discreetly inaudible beyond six inches. Additionally, they are designed to stay securely in place during exercise or daily activities and boast an impressive battery life of up to 6 hours on a single charge, earning rave five-star reviews from satisfied customers.


Rama's entrepreneurial journey was driven by a strong belief in her product's potential to make a meaningful impact in the world. "What drove me was the vision, the belief that this product was better than what existed, that I was making an impact, and that if I didn't do it, it would never happen. I thought I was making the world better in my own small way. I'm so thrilled that people like it so much. That's the real validation, for me—customer endorsement," Rama shares. And this passion, dedication, and vision did not go unnoticed, as Rama received several accolades throughout her journey. She was honored with the HP Star Employee Award, recognized with the 2022 Outstanding Leadership Award from Internet 2.0, and listed among Marquis's Who's Who of America in 2023. Notably, Teqnizan's accomplishments were also acknowledged when Rama's team won the prestigious Innovation Award in 2022 from Launch Minnesota.


Today, Teqnizan's products are available through their Shopify storefront, ensuring swift shipping within 24 hours and delivery in 2-3 days. Moreover, Rama is open to collaborating with exclusive and eclectic storefronts, as well as partnering with other jewelry brands to further expand the reach of her ingenious creations.


Rama holds a PhD in micro electromechanical systems from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in mechanical engineering from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology.


Rama Prasad, PhD
Teqnizan Inc.



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