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Ramin Farjadrad

He’s an innovator of over 130 patented inventions, the recipient of the International Physics Olympiad Bronze Medal and EE Times Annual Creativity in Electronics Award. This is Ramin Farjadrad, founding CEO of Eliyan Corp., a technology company that is challenging the status quo to create the most differentiated solutions to real world challenges. Eliyan’s mission is to revolutionize chiplet-based system-in-package (SiP) technologies to break the current limitations of the semiconductor industry and unleash the ultimate performance of intelligent systems of the future. Their breakthrough technologies will have a transformational impact on many industries, including artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, networking, autonomous driving, 5G wireless infrastructure and many more. This isn’t science fiction, but another in a line of inspiring solutions that Ramin introduced years ahead of its time. 

For over two decades, Ramin has pioneered leading-edge technologies that have been adopted not only by high-tech industries but also as international standards, including the PAM4 SerDes technology (IEEE 802.3cd), Multi-Gig Automotive Ethernet (IEEE 802.3ch& IEEE 802.3cy), Enterprise Ethernet (IEEE 802.3bz), and OCP standard for chiplet connectivity (BoW). Prior to launching Eliyan, Ramin was co-founder and CTO of Aquantia Corp., which was awarded the Most Respected Private Company by GSA in 2013 & 2017, went public in 2017 and was acquired in 2019 by Marvell Technologies, where he served as CTO and VP of R&D. Today, Ramin and his superstar team continue to push the technology limits with innovations built for the future.

Ramin holds a PhD and master’s degree from Stanford University.


Ramin Farjadrad

Founding CEO —  Eliyan Corp.

Website: www.eliyan.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eliyan-corporation/about/