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Hon. Ramón Valadez


Ramón appears in the Top 100 

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Hon. Ramón Valadez


Hon. RamónValadez likes problems. For him, each challenge is a blank canvas for which he has the privilege of choosing what image to paint, as well as the colors and brushes with which to paint it. That image, of course, is the solution to any problem at hand, and finding solutions is Ramón’s forte. He is an electrical engineer with an MBA, a versatile entrepreneur, and he also happens to have been an Arizona state senator and one of the youngest Arizona state representatives, elected at just 27. It was with this broad spectrum of experiences, and breadth of knowledge, that Ramón formed Valadez & Associates, which specializes in public policy advocacy, business development, and facilitating business finance opportunities. They achieve this by leveraging their vast experience in business, government, and finance to fill those blank canvases with brilliant color. With Valadez & Associates, Ramón assembled a team of professionals, including the firm’s VP for business development, whose prior work with Fortune 500 companies resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in tax savings for several organizations in Arizona. “One of the things I enjoy most is working with our team to craft client-centric solutions,” Ramón shares. “It’s that problem solving, that solution-crafting that we do for our clients that really drives me.”


The Road that Brought Him Here


Ramón’s impressive credentials serve as his painter’s pallet and his professional expertise as his artist’s tools. His entrepreneurial experience includes management consulting, real estate investing, private lending, and business sales and marketing coaching. He previously co-founded a health care delivery business and has been both a CEO and a COO. In addition to having served in both houses of the Arizona state government, he worked as a senior staff member for an Arizona governor, and a staff member to a U.S. senator as well as a U.S. representative.


A former Pima County supervisor, Ramón was an integral part of drafting and implementing a highly successful economic development plan. His 24 years in the public sector culminated with his role as chairman of the Pima County Board of Supervisors, where he represented over one million people in a $1.4 billion, 7200 FTE county government, an entity geographically larger than four states and the District of Columbia.


Valadez & Associates: An Innovative Approach


The invaluable experience that Ramón and his colleagues bring has shaped their broad spectrum of services and a unique combination of offerings. The firm provides customized solutions to people across various industries and sectors, with a client-centric approach that prioritizes delivering top and bottom-line results. “We develop either legislative, administrative, or regulatory strategies with which to approach the respective governmental entities involved, in any kind of issue they may be having,” Ramón says. “We work to develop a strategy that might either change the law, acquire appropriations, acquire grant funding, procurement, or any other needs in terms of business development.”


A carefully curated, extensive network of funding partners enables Valadez & Associates to facilitate business financing. They go beyond simply creating a business strategy, they take it to the next level with a full business plan, complete with financials. As they craft effective solutions for their clients, Ramón and their team build relationships with their investors, all of whom are accredited. They understand what types of investments they prefer, and expertly match clients and funding partners who share the same vision. Typically, the range of funding they handle is $5 million and above.  “We’re the facilitators that bring the parties together, then they negotiate the deal,” Ramón says.


Additionally, they help with creating public-partner or public-private partnerships, whether getting procurement contracts through the local state government or developing a business strategy or plan. Valadez & Associates provides business development facilitation or business finance solutions nationwide, and government relations services across Arizona, with partners in California, and expansion plans for Texas and strategic partnerships in many other states. It’s their unique combination of government relations, business development, and funding partners that allows Valadez & Associates to help the people they serve across a significantly broader spectrum than other firms. Helping clients, after all, is why they do what they do, summed up perfectly in their company motto: “Our mission is your success.”


Ramón has been named Legislator of the Year by the Arizona County Supervisors Association. He has received the Trailblazer Award from the National Network of Sector Partners, the Public Service Award from the University of Arizona Alumni Association, the Fleming Fellowship from the Center for Policy Alternatives, and the Outstanding Leadership Award and Presidential Citation Award from the League of United Latin American Citizens.


Hon. Ramón Valadez

Managing Partner & Founder — Valadez & Associates




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