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Ramy Aqel


Ramy Aqel knows that for millions of people, nothing comes easy, and when they can’t advocate for themselves, it’s even harder. The son of Palestinian refugees, the desire to protect, educate, and defend others was sparked in him early. Ramy began his legal career with long-term internships at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office and New York State Supreme Court, where he served as a liaison with Brooklyn’s Muslim and Arab community, thanks to his fluency in Arabic. These legal experiences would lay the groundwork for a career based on social justice, professionalism, and compassion.


For the first three years of his legal career, and in his role as a staff attorney at MADRE & CUNY Law School’s IWHR Clinic, Ramy played an instrumental role in implementing human rights, civil rights, and gender equality advocacy programs, raising the voices and advocating for the demands of global south grassroots women and marginalized communities before the United Nations and the International Criminal Court. His work covered several countries, including Iraq, Syria, Colombia, Palestine, Yemen, Haiti, and the U.S.


Ramy published several reports addressing human rights violations in Iraq, Syria, and the U.S. In 2015, he published an article in the CUNY Law Review, which focused on human rights and environmental crises in post-conflict Iraq.


Today, at just 34, Ramy is currently a lead attorney at the Law Offices of Marc S. Albert. Since joining in 2013, he’s successfully recovered over $25 million for victims of personal injury and medical malpractice. Working diligently on every case, he’s carrying on his lifelong goal of helping the people who need it most. Ramy also handles various criminal and immigration law matters, the latter finding him victorious in several notable cases in the federal court and Board of Appeals.


In addition to his casework, Ramy regularly engages in philanthropic and non-profit work, providing legal services for underserved communities on a pro bono basis. In addition, Ramy takes part in community development work aimed at youth empowerment and political participation. In 2020, he received several public service awards for his role in helping families impacted by discriminatory immigration policies.


Because of his unwavering care and focus, Ramy’s clients know they can trust him to educate them on every aspect of their legal matter and be completely transparent about the process. “Providing people with personal attention and superior service is what drives me,” Ramy says, “along with helping people obtain the justice they deserve.”


Ramy obtained his JD from CUNY School of Law.


Ramy Aqel

Lead Attorney — Law Offices of Marc S. Albert

Website: https://www.msainjurylaw.com/attorneys/ramy-aqel/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramy-aqel-2211ab18

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rami.aqel

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