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Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan is an entrepreneur who aims to disrupt the current security solutions industry at the international level. He is the founder and CEO of Evacovation Pty, Ltd, Australia, which is the first-of-its-kind, hybrid mobile app, offering both customized and standardized solutions to residential, commercial, mixed use, and government sector properties. Rashid brings a solid 20 years of professional experience in security and risk, law enforcement, emergency management, and IT database administration, and his professional achievements have been recognized by law enforcement units across Australia. Furthermore, he has a special skillset in the retrieval of missing persons, which is a global problem, and has helped recover over 100 individuals. Rashid’s achievements are fueled by his passion to “save lives,” which has had a profound effect on the development and success of Evacovation.

What does your company, Evacovation, do?

Evacovation is an emergency management firm, which has leveraged the latest technologies and best practices in risk management and safety to create the world’s first-ever, comprehensive, automated mobile app. The application offers operational excellence, seamless communication, and IOT, to prevent, manage, and respond to any kind of emergency or threat, at both the domestic and commercial levels. The competitive edge is a “real-time emergency management solution,” which allows every user to make critical, technologically assisted decisions during an emergency. Our core philosophy and sole purpose is to “SAVE LIVES!”

The app is scheduled to launch on the 14th of August 2020 and expected to set a new global standard for risk and emergency management. We have considered every detail when it comes to the design and development of the app because we are dealing with real people, whose lives are, or can be, at risk and there is no price tag on the value of human life. We take our business very seriously and have conducted multiple rounds of testing at every level to ensure the app always performs at 100%.

Your groundbreaking app could prove critical to saving lives. How does it work?

The best way to explain this is with a scenario. Let’s assume there’s a real-time emergency while you are working on a particular floor in a building. The question is, “how would you know and how could you know early enough to save lives and reduce casualties?” The solution is not merely fire alarms, but a mass warning to everyone working on the floor, or about to access the floor, alerting them of the emergency. The second safeguard is that the Evacovation app will immediately appear as a forced popup screen on your mobile device, guide you to the nearest exit, and provide precautions for leaving the vicinity. The chief warden of the building will be alerted in real time and will have the ability to contact everyone on the floor to provide further instructions. The app has been customized for each building that is signed up with Evacovation. This means that the building’s administrators have a 3D mockup of their structure, which shows high risk areas via information collected from security cameras, so they can effectively plan an exit.

In short, if everyone in the community is using our mobile application, they become a “smart city.”

Can you tell me more about the incident that triggered the idea for the app? Was this also the reason you founded Evacovation?

The need for designing and developing Evacovation far outweighed the risks of losing my life savings and investing all of my time. It was an idea that evolved from a tragic incident. At that time, I had been working in the security sector for seven years and was a building emergency manager for National Australia Bank, supervising a staff of over 37,000. I was trying to develop an emergency management solution because I was responsible for evacuation diagrams, health and safety, equipment, emergency teams, etc. In addition, I was assigned the role of police liaison officer and in that capacity, dealt with Interpol and local law enforcement agencies on investigations. I had received multiple commendations from public and private sectors for my contributions to emergency preparedness, but I believed there was still room for improvement. I knew that a single, technologically enabled, real time solution could make a huge impact in public safety. There was also a gap in EMS communications and since I had acquired vast professional experience from my prior roles, I knew that with the right team of experts, a state-of-the-art, government compliant, EMS system could be employed.

On January 20th, 2017, the catalyst and final push into my entrepreneurship occurred when a man had driven his car off the road, seriously injuring dozens of pedestrians and causing 6 fatalities. I was at the center of the scene, watching it unfold. This confirmed everything I had already been thinking of. If everyone on that road had the Evacovation app, the turmoil that ensued could have been avoided. This motivated me to create a product that gives back to society in every possible way. I immediately started R&D and in 2019, I left NAB to pursue Evacovation full-time.


You have a master’s degree in computer science and a bachelor’s in mathematics and physics, but you actually went back to school specifically to develop your app, is that right?

I am keen on staying in the learning loop. When I had this idea, I knew it would be an app, so I earned a diploma in mobile applications and in web and business development. I also knew that my products had to be certified by ISMS and that I’d have to add blockchain, so I took the ISO 27001 Risk Management Course to become ISO certified and then became a certified blockchain architect through the Block Chain Council in April of 2020.

Can you share a little bit about your family?

I am a family man. I have 20-month-old twins, a boy and a girl. My wife has extended her full support to Evacovation and understands that although our children are young and we need to create memories, working on Evacovation will not only secure my family’s future but will bring joy to other families by creating a safe world for future generations. My wife is also an entrepreneur and owns two salons. She has been my inspiration, my motivation, and my best friend, who has given me a bigger purpose in life. I believe Evacovation will impact us in the most beautiful way. It’s not only about wealth creation, but it is about value creation, job creation, and brining hope to all. Just like our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said, if you save the life of one person, it is as if you have saved humanity. I want to be a living example of this belief every day, which is now my purpose in life and the vision of Evacovation.


Rashid Khan, Founder & CEO —Evacovation Pty, Ltd.

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