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Raveena Maheshwari, MBA

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always be what you’ve always been.” These are the words that sales executive, Raveena Maheshwari, lives by. Passionate about empowering women and developing the next generation of leaders, Raveena has developed and participated in many women in leadership programs. “I saw a need to create a forum where women can openly share their inner dialogue about what matters and support each other through love and trust,” she states. Our events and panels became venues for emotional exchanges and what resulted was a unique corporate sisterhood. Experience has taught her to have a voice at the table, to be authentic, resilient, and to trust her gut, which are all qualities she believes are critical for a leader. Raveena is a creative leader with an unwavering desire for helping clients achieve success through innovative solutions. “As not only a woman, but a woman of color in a male dominated industry, I’ve been through so much that I want to support and empower other women and make their journeys even more impactful,” she states.

Prior to joining Google, Raveena started her career at Accenture and then spent most of her time in financial services in senior roles at RBC and TD Bank. Raveena’s success in moving across three different industries—consulting, banking, and technology, is driven by her ability to build trusted relationships quickly, solve any problem, and motivate teams. As someone who solves conventional problems with unconventional techniques, she is often described as a “purple unicorn.” Raveena is also a Reiki healer, KQ practitioner, Yoga teacher, and home designer. She has also served on several boards including the Ivey Alumni Association, and enjoys mentoring and supporting young talent. Raveena’s ability to combine her industry knowledge along with her technical acumen to solve industry problems while inspiring her teams truly defines her as a leader. “In order to achieve something different, you have to be different, take risks and believe in yourself,” she states.


Raveena holds a bachelor’s in biology and a software engineering degree. She also holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business.



Raveena Maheshwari, MBA

Sales Executive


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