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Ray Abboud

After garnering over two decades of real estate experience, Ray Abboud has become a powerhouse in the industry. Due to his extensive knowledge and capabilities, he is not known for following the latest trends; he is known for creating them. As the founder and president of Cash Now, Ray has been featured on Grant Cardone’s Power Players as well as on Ask the Pro. However, Ray’s most important attribute is his genuine desire to help others, whatever their case may be.

Ray began his career in real estate in 1997 and soon discovered that many consumers required more than the sell of their homes; they needed to do repairs. However, he also found that most people do not want to go through the conventional selling process. Instead, they just want to get rid of their homes as they are. This dilemma ultimately inspired the idea for Ray’s company called, Cash Now. In such situations, he and his team purchase the houses from the sellers, complete the repairs themselves, and then resell them for a profit.

In 2009, the real estate market started to crash, so Ray purchased over 300 rental units at significant discounts because few people were buying. As a house flipping company, Cash Now was able to renovate and rent the units out to new owners. Since Ray still owns the properties, he is currently selling them to investors with double digit returns. Although Cash Now was started from scratch in Pennsylvania, it has rapidly expanded business into New Jersey, upstate New York, and West Virginia.


In addition to Cash Now, Ray also owns a Weichert Realtors office, located in his hometown of York, Pennsylvania. They also happen to be one of the top-producing real estate teams in the area. “I have assembled a team I am proud to work with; they’re hardworking, persistent, and serious about getting the job done,” says Ray. Whether at Cash Now or at Weichert Realtors, he and his team strive to give clients the homes they want and the personal attention they deserve.


Inspired by seeing the uprising of many popular platforms, Ray also founded a social media company called, All Live Media. Knowing the platform would be a successful tool because he had used it for his own companies, Ray leveraged and built it to help other businesses grow. All Live Media’s slogan is “Be Known Through Your Phone.” Recently, they partnered with Facebook on business page management, which is an accomplishment for any media platform.


As part of All Live Media, Ray is launching his own personal real estate program to teach people how to purchase and fund their own flips so they can ultimately build a rental portfolio or a passive company. Launching in March 2020, the program is called, Mastering the Art of the Flip 2.0 as Ray previously released a basic 1.0 podcast version, which was a hit. “2.0 is unique because this particular program is unlike any other in the field. It shows people what to look for, how to identify properties, how to identify the 3 major factors of a property when breaking down the costs, how to use social media to market, and how to get the most money out of the investment,” says Ray. The program teaches beginners as well as those with real estate experience pre and post marketing as well as the mindset. Ray notes, “I love what I do, but mostly I love knowing at the end of the day that I helped someone get a little closer to their dream. That’s what it’s really all about.”



Ray Abboud

Founder and President

Cash Now

63 Mt. Zion Road

York, Pennsylvania 17402

Website: www.cashnowpa.com

Instagram: @Rayabboud10x

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cashnownetwork   ꟾ   @cashnowpa

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ray-abboud-b9420956

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