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Ray Punn


As vice president of Skyline Wealth, Ray Punn oversees the strategic focus that fosters and maintains an active, engaged investor base through both business growth initiatives and new investment opportunities for existing investors.


Ray has worked for some of the largest public financial firms in North America before joining Skyline Wealth in 2018. Partnering his greatest passions in life—real estate and investments, Skyline Wealth Management offers institutional-quality products grounded in Canadian real estate. Their complete vertical integration allows for a lower fee structure, which enables them to provide investors with historically stable returns. With over 5,500 Canadian investors and $3.5 billion in equity under management, the privately held company is one of the few in the country that offers REITs. “Part of the reason we remain private is that we don't want our investments going through public market volatility,” Ray explains. “We also don’t want to have market emotion and sentiment driving value.”


Overseeing the wealth management firm with a footprint across Canada, Ray has championed significant growth and innovation that continues to drive Skyline Wealth’s success within the industry. “The best decisions I’ve made always involved taking the right level of risk,” he states. “While I haven’t always been conservative, I try to mitigate risk with any business I’ve managed, which enables the ability to rise above the status quo and elevate a company and portfolio.” With an emphasis on investor satisfaction, Ray ensures Skyline is continually adding value to its investor base. “Skyline Wealth Management strives to provide transparent advice to investors, both retail and institutional, and to keep them updated on the results of their wealth strategy,” he states. “There’s really no room for error, which drives unparalleled results.”


Ray Punn

VP — Skyline Wealth Management


LinkedIn: Ray Punn
Skyline Wealth Management

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