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RCEM Investments LLC
Featuring Emilio Machado and Roberto Marrero



RCEM Investments LLC is a Miami, Florida-based real estate investment firm that specializes in a full suite of services and amenities for the purchase, sale, and management of private and commercial properties in Florida and the surrounding states.

RCEM Investments is co-owned and operated by partners, Emilio Machado and Roberto Marrero, both relatively new to the real estate industry. Emilio and Roberto co-founded the company in 2015, shortly after immigrating to America from Cuba. Despite a language barrier and a challenging market, the pair has attained extraordinary success in just three short years.

Emilio and Roberto both come from humble beginnings and faced significant challenges in their early careers and finances. While in Cuba, Emilio was working as a manager for UPS and Roberto as a store manager for CVS. Emilio applied for a visa in 1998 and nearly forgot about it after getting married and starting a family. It wasn’t until 2006 that he was notified by mail of being awarded the visa in a lottery. Emilio decided to make the move to America and brought with him his family, including brother-in-law, Roberto.

Initially, the entire extended family shared a two-bedroom apartment but by supporting and motivating each other, Emilio and Roberto overcame the many challenges and adjustments in their new lives. Focused on saving money, the pair accumulated enough to purchase their first investment property and through sheer determination, the pair fixed and resold the property in just twelve days.

After their first success, Emilio and Roberto decided to pursue real estate investment as a career and over the next year, had bought and sold four more residential homes. In the interim, both partners were accumulating invaluable experience and subsequently, building an impressive client network. Business was progressing rapidly and after eighteen months, their investment portfolio had increased to twenty-seven successful flips.

Emilio and Roberto have constructed a strict business practice regimen, which is based on integrity, hard work, and determination. Although the pair have very different personalities, they share the common goals of continued growth and providing outstanding service. Their philosophy has resulted in a superior client retention rate, as well as an impressive reputation within the industry.

Presently, Emilio and Roberto share the responsibility of presiding over their successful enterprise, as well as the responsibilities of marketing, strategic development, and community initiatives. Under their careful direction, RCEM Investments has transitioned into a full-service agency that sells single-family homes, condos, mobile homes, and commercial properties, and arranges conventional, FHA, and VA loans. The company has also become well known for their altruistic endeavors and contributions to Miami commerce.

Roberto and Emilio are very engaged in fostering education as members of Smarter Real Estate Drive, which is comprised of real estate professionals who are committed to advancing the industry. Additionally, both partners volunteer for a project that provides food, schooling, and vocational training for impoverished people in Mexico. Emilio believes that if he can inspire just one person, he has attained success. Similarly, Roberto strives to instill the ideology that “anything is possible with hard work.”

When they are not involved with business operations or humanitarian undertakings, Emilio and Roberto enjoy spending time with their families.

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