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Rebecca Fields-Arden

In the often-inert automotive finance and insurance (F&I) landscape, one name stands out as a catalyst for movement: Rebecca Fields-Arden, the co-founder and president of Excela Protect. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Rebecca's journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Throughout her career, Rebecca has navigated the intricacies of the automotive industry with finesse. Her journey has taken her through the corridors of some of the largest P&C entities, including Starr Indemnity, as well as a diverse array of national third-party administrators and dealerships, such as CNA National Warranty, Smart Autocare, and Drivetime/Carvana. A true leader in her field, she has achieved remarkable feats, including tripling growth for administrators through the development of compliant products that garnered full state and lender approvals.

Rebecca’s skillset encompasses various areas, from underwriting and compliance to product development, risk management, dealer management, legal affairs, marketing, sales, and product management. Notably, she attained the title of attorney, bringing with it a wealth of knowledge in compliance, product development, conflict resolution/litigation, corporate governance, and reinsurance. Beyond her professional achievements, Rebecca is also a retired US Army officer, with over eight years of dedicated service to her country. Her military background instilled in her a sense of discipline, leadership, and integrity that continues to define her approach to business and life. It is this extensive experience, coupled with a deep understanding of the industry, that has propelled Excela Protect to its current standing.

At the heart of Excela Protect's mission is a commitment to raising the antiquated standards that are still widely accepted, and exercised, by their competitors. Unlike traditional providers, Excela Protect operates on a novel business model that integrates seamlessly with franchise dealerships. This unique approach ensures that the success of Excela Protect is directly linked to the success of its clients, creating a symbiotic relationship unlike any other in the market.

For those unfamiliar with F&I, it comprises financial protection products such as warranties, vehicle service contracts, and waivers, aimed at minimizing out-of-pocket expenses for vehicle owners. While auto dealerships play a critical role as distributors, third-party administrators like Excela Protect provide the products and adjudicate claims, streamlining the process for dealerships and consumers alike.

The Excela Protect concept originated from a shared frustration among top auto dealers who were disillusioned with the limited support and transparency offered by conventional F&I providers. Determined to make a difference, Rebecca and her team collaborated with leading auto groups to create an administration company tailored to the needs of multi-unit franchise dealers. By aligning directly with dealerships and removing friction points, Excela Protect has transformed the F&I experience, enhancing earnings for clients and elevating the overall dealership experience.

In an industry where complexity often hampers progress, Excela Protect delivers nimbleness and efficiency. For Rebecca, clients aren't just another account; they're integral members of a collaborative, client-focused co-op that produces unparalleled results.


Rebecca Fields-Arden
Co-Founder and President
Excela Protect

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