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Rebecca R. Rubin

Rebecca Rubin is dedicated both personally and professionally to preserving the natural environment. As the founder, president, and CEO of Marstel-Day, an international environmental consulting firm, Rebecca explains, “If you can’t lead with the environment in this day and age, you cannot lead at all.”

Founded in 2002, Marstel-Day provides innovative strategies and plans of action for addressing environmental challenges.  The firm has three locations in Fredericksburg and Alexandria, Virginia and Oceanside, California. As founder of the firm, Rebecca manages an experienced and elite team of environmental professionals who are experts in environmental policy and strategy.  This diverse team is comprised of researchers, analysts, planners, scientists, natural resources managers, real estate experts, and GIS professionals that work collaboratively to bring innovative solutions to clients in both the public and private sector. They assist and guide clients with environmental issues relating to climate change, resiliency, sustainability, habitat, open space, water, energy, land use and natural resource conservation. Rebecca explains that the core of their business is “Teaching people how to create real world business strategies and new business paradigms that can successfully connect and support the environment while still running a successful business.”

In addition to cultivating new ideas and working closely with clients to help them create strategies that support the environment, Rebecca is also the voice of the company and speaks often at environmental conferences and events.  She has been a featured speaker at the EarthX Expo and Conference, the 100 Resilient Cities Conference, Children and Nature Network and more.  

Rebecca received a BA in history from Harvard University and went on to receive an MA in international security from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Before she founded Marstel-Day, Rebecca was the director of the Army’s Environmental Policy Institute and also led a variety of environmental studies and analyses at the Institute for Defense Analyses, a not-for-profit corporation.

She was named a White House Champion of Change for Community Resilience by President Obama and she currently leads a 5-locality initiative on Climate, Environment, and Resilience (CLEAR).  In addition to her professional accomplishments, Rebecca is personally committed to her community and the environment, serving as chair of the board for the National Wildlife Refuge Association, as well as a general board member of Virginia Forever, an organization that advocates for increased funding for water quality improvements and land conservation across the state.

Rebecca R. Rubin

President and CEO Marstel-Day, LLC

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