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Rebecca Story

Rebecca Story's journey in the world of commercial real estate has been a testament to her dedication and expertise. As the director of property management at Capital Rivers Commercial, her career path is an inspiring tale of passion, growth, and leadership.


Rebecca's career started right after college when she joined the commercial real estate industry at CBRE. "Starting with CBRE allowed me to immerse myself in the landscape of commercial real estate," Rebecca affirms. Beginning as an intern, she swiftly advanced within CBRE, eventually transitioning to a property management role at another firm. Rebecca honed her skills and gained valuable experience there until a fortunate encounter with a colleague opened a new chapter in her career. The colleague's referral led her to Capital Rivers Commercial, marking the beginning of a fresh chapter in her professional journey.


At Capital Rivers Commercial, Rebecca assumed the pivotal role of director of their property and asset division, where her contributions spanned from foundational tasks like accounting and on-site management, to strategic budget creation. More recently, her role has evolved into an oversight-focused position, mirroring the company's remarkable growth from 5000 square feet to a staggering 750,000 square feet in holdings.


Capital Rivers Commercial's philosophy deeply resonates with Rebecca. “Our culture is work-hard, play-hard and that fosters an exciting and enjoyable atmosphere,” she shares. In testament to that, Rebecca’s proudest achievements are rooted in her team's evolution and empowerment. "Witnessing the expansion of our department and success of my team members is immensely rewarding," she asserts.


Rebecca was recently recognized with the Women of Influence Award by Crew Sacramento for her outstanding contributions to women in real estate.



Rebecca Story
Director of Property Management
Capital Rivers Commercial


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