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Rett Babb

Rett Babb had all but retired after an illustrious 30-year career in mortgage, which saw him in nearly every role in the industry, including as a top-producing originator and an award-winning wholesale account executive, but he wasn’t quite done yet. Because of his deep, multifaceted knowledge of the industry, professionals sought him for advice on hiring high-quality, prolific branch managers and loan originators. And thus in June 2020, Exclusive Mortgage Recruitment Services, LLC, was founded. “High-quality branch managers and originators are in short supply. Companies are competing for them, so they’re often misrepresenting the company or role to attract them, and new hires only find this out once they’ve joined,” Rett explains. “This is why I founded the company—to fix this.”


Today, Rett helps prolific branch managers and loan originators find new jobs with great companies, and represents a hand-selected few lenders—some of the best in the nation. In the past two years, Rett has placed three-quarters of a billion dollars in mortgage production to the lenders he represents. That’s because he takes the time to completely understand both the lenders and the hiring company so that he can recommend the perfect candidate with an unbiased opinion. “It’s important to me that I get it right every time,” he says. “It’s rewarding to match each candidate with a company that facilitates their growth and success. I take pride in that—and I’m having a lot of fun!”

Rett Babb

Founder & President —  Exclusive Mortgage Recruitment Services, LLC