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Reverdi appears in the Top 100
Canadian Professionals m

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Reverdi Darda, R.N., BScN, CHE

Reverdi Darda is an award-winning health care leader with a record of significantly impacting project outcomes and building collaborative teams that encompass the entire sphere of health care disciplines. Grounded in compassion and a profound commitment to the health and well-being of people across Alberta, she’s a champion of health care innovation, pushing it forward while changing the face of not only mental health, but medicine. Reverdi is a registered nurse with 30 years of community and acute care, clinical, management, and executive leadership expertise. She’s a certified health executive and has supported both public and private health care sectors in Alberta, having held multiple executive director roles for Alberta Health Services. Currently, she sits on the board of MAPS Canada, and is the president and CEO of Cena Life Inc., which she founded in 2022 to provide alternative mental health therapies, including psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, integrated with existing private and public health services.

In a prior leadership role with a psilocybin production company, Reverdi learned about the benefits of psychedelics as an effective safe, alternative treatment for mental health challenges.  She noticed, however, that RN expertise could be better utilized in the research and implementation of these therapies—which, by nature, require the compassionate care upon which nursing is built. “A simple spark of compassion can nurture meaningful experiences, supporting clients in their healing. I believe nurses are expertly positioned to lead the way in delivering ethical and safe, psychedelic care for various human conditions.” As a female leader in healthcare, Reverdi champions the unique value only RNs can bring to an interdisciplinary team. At Cena Life, she utilizes a interdisciplinary staff of psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, and RNs, saying, “Full and intersectional healing only happens through a consciously connected community.”


Reverdi Darda, R.N., BScN, CHE

Founder, President, & CEO — Cena Life, Inc.





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