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Richard Burgess

Richard Burgess’s storied career started in 1995 and took him from floor trading to starting his own successful hedge fund, which he sold to a large bank before embarking on a journey as a financial advisor. And while given his experience and expertise, he would have no doubt succeeded in that role as well, Rick had something else in mind. He started Connect Lending, matching loans for commercial lending and outpacing most banks with 12,000 loans per month. After selling the majority of it, he opened two new firms, one of which is Prime Short Term Credit, Inc., a registered SEC fund serving clients across the country thanks to a unique model that truly sets them apart.


About Prime Short Term Credit


Based in Chicago with satellite operations out of Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Illinois, Colorado, California, and Arizona, Prime serves clients in all 50 states with a system that allows them to have a better relationship with their carefully vetted and select clientele. And with a three-and-a-half-year track record of delivering mid to high returns, it’s clear Prime is indeed doing something different. “We don’t generate loans from the general public,” Rick explains. “People only come to us through referrals because we’re looking for partnerships.” Instead of owning an asset, like a bank would, Prime partners with clients for all-around more beneficial relationships. “My dad always said to meet someone new every day. It’s amazing to pick up the phone and learn someone’s story,” he says.


Rick’s ability to create the unique service for which Prime has become known comes from his diverse experiences in finance, which includes debt brokering, trading, and advisory. But to have an even better handle on the real estate aspects of their clients, Rick works with MPI Group due to MPI’s specific real estate focus. Through their marketing collaboration, Prime can outsource much of their client communication to MPI, while MPI brings in relationships from the East Coast region. Together, they take care of their clients, their families, and their homes with high-contact advisory services that deliver a brighter future. “We always tell our clients that we aim for boring. Boring is great! You don’t want surprises,” Rick says.


Richard Burgess

Partner & Founder — Prime



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