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Richard Freeth


Richard Freeth is an accomplished attorney and counselor at law, known for his extensive experience and dedication to the legal profession. Originally from Brooklyn, his journey into law began at a young age when he discovered his passion for the field. This early commitment led him to pursue a career as an attorney, guided by a sense of purpose.


Richard completed his undergraduate studies as an English major in Connecticut before furthering his education at the University of Miami. Prior to entering law school, he gained practical experience as a paralegal and file clerk at the Connecticut-based firm, Tyler Cooper and Alcorn. These early roles allowed him to familiarize himself with the intricacies of the legal world.


During his time at the University of Miami School of Law, Richard held significant positions, including a two-year stint as the research assistant for Professor Terence Anderson, one of the law school’s powerhouse professors. To support his education and gain practical insights, he undertook numerous other research projects for legal professionals. Initially drawn to the entertainment sector, which included an internship at Universal Music Latin, he soon realized its competitiveness outweighed its return in value, prompting him to explore a broader spectrum of legal fields.


Upon graduating, Richard returned to New York, where he initially worked at a general and civil litigation firm. Over time, he transitioned into areas that aligned more closely with his interests, including entertainment and securities law, along with commercial litigation. He gained valuable experience at various firms in New York City, eventually being tasked with establishing and overseeing an office in Connecticut for the law firm of Winget, Spadafora & Schwartzberg, LLP, and managing his own team of associates. At that firm he achieved a significant milestone by becoming a partner in 2007. His practice there was focused on defending professional liability and securities cases. A few years after the rise to the position of partner he decided to embark on a new chapter by founding his own law firm – Freeth & Associates, LLC.


At his firm, Freeth & Associates, Richard's legal practice spans a diverse range of cases, including securities arbitrations, securities litigation, intellectual property matters (both transactional and litigation), and constitutional cases. Richard's fascination with constitutional law remained a constant throughout his career. He had the privilege of studying under the guidance of John Hart Ely, a renowned figure in constitutional law. In recent years, he has been extensively involved in First Amendment cases and has gained recognition for his work in the evolving field of cryptocurrency.


Richard's skills as a negotiator and mediator have proven invaluable. In one notable case involving a successful film, he successfully resolved a contractual dispute related to music copyright. Through his persuasive abilities, he facilitated a settlement by convincing the plaintiff to reconsider their exorbitant demands, ultimately achieving a favorable outcome.


What Richard values most about his profession is the opportunity to assist individuals facing complex legal challenges, providing them with guidance and relief from overwhelming situations. His passion for intellectual engagement and creative problem-solving aligns with his background as a musician, allowing him to approach legal issues with a unique perspective.


Richard holds a Juris Doctor (JD) from the University of Miami School of Law and has made significant contributions, including his membership in the Law Review and UM Journal of International and Comparative Law.



Richard Freeth
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Freeth & Associates


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