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Richard S. Pyper

In the ever-evolving world of financial services, few individuals possess the depth of experience and insight that Richard S. Pyper brings to the table. With over three decades of dedication to the distribution of financial products, Richard exceeds the conventional CEO archetype. He is a visionary leader on a mission to reshape the industry.


A Journey Routed in Expertise


Richard’s journey commenced in the financial sector at multinational companies, where he held pivotal progressive roles including agent, manager, and vice president of sales and marketing. These early experiences equipped him with a profound understanding of the intricacies of the industry.


A turning point arrived with Richard’s decision to sell his personal practice, marking the onset of Richard’s mission to make it easier for financial professionals to interact with companies. Fueling his mission to redefine the financial landscape, he has spearheaded over 18 acquisitions, created strategic network alliances, and pioneered innovative, white-labeled product solutions. These ventures honed his acumen for identifying opportunities and nurturing crucial partnerships.


The Driving Force Behind EXOS


As the CEO of EXOS Wealth Systems, Inc., and president of Customplan Financial Advisors Inc., Richard plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s course. His responsibilities encompass identifying market opportunities, crafting long-term strategies, and ensuring the organization’s unwavering commitment to innovation and competitiveness. Richard is instrumental in orchestrating strategic acquisitions and partnerships with key stakeholders, including insurance providers, financial institutions and technology partners. This approach not only expands EXOS’s market reach, but also unlocks new horizons for business growth.


Cultivating Talent and Innovation


Talent management and cultivating a dynamic corporate culture are vital tenets of Richard’s leadership philosophy. Acknowledging that an organization’s true strength resides in its people, he is unwaveringly committed to attracting and retaining top talent. Richard fosters innovation, teamwork, and excellence, creating an inclusive and engaging work environment. Providing invaluable leadership, he supports employees, encourages professional development, and nurtures a culture of continuous improvement.


A Remarkable Legacy

Beyond EXOS Wealth Systems, Richard sits on the boards of prominent financial institutions: Barrington Wealth Partners, Roche Tax and Accounting Services, and Customplan Financial Advisors Inc.


Richard’s career includes notable positions such as vice president of sales and marketing for AXA Financial, executive vice president of strategic development for Global Financial, and director of distribution at Sun Life Financial.


EXOS Wealth Systems Inc.: Pioneering the Future of Finance


Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, EXOS Wealth Systems, Inc. Is a trailblazing insurtech and fintech company that leverages cutting-edge technology to empower financial advisors across Canada.


With subsidiaries like Monarch Wealth Corporation, Monarch Wealth GIC Services, Inc., and Customplan Financial Advisors Inc., EXOS has established a formidable presence with offices in key Canadian cities like Victoria, Vancouver, and Calgary, to name a few, along with satellite offices run by local financial advisors in 40 additional locations.


EXOS proudly supports a network of over 140 investment professionals, 500 life insurance advisors, 100 GIC brokers, and maintains a dedicated staff of 40. In 2022, the combined organizations achieved a significant milestone, generating over $30,000,000 in gross revenues. Under the visionary leadership of Richard, the company is poised to exceed $35,000,000 in gross revenues for 2023, solidifying its reputation as a driving force in the industry.


Q & A with for Richard:


Can you highlight some of your key professional achievements?


Throughout my career, I’ve excelled in establishing and optimizing diverse distribution networks in the insurance and investment industry, including direct sales, broker networks, and digital platforms. My adaptive strategies have significantly increased market penetration and expanded advisor reach, resulting in consistent revenue growth and a substantial market share increase. I have a proven track record in identifying untapped market opportunities, forging strategic partnerships, and implementing effective sales strategies that enhance profitability over multiple fiscal periods. Building strong relationships with key stakeholders, including insurance agencies, brokers, financial advisors, and institutional partners has been central to our success. My accomplishments also include negotiating and establishing alliances that integrate innovative products, strengthening our distribution network and improving overall competitiveness in the industry. My career reflects a dedication to optimizing distribution structures, driving revenue growth, and fostering strategic partnerships that have contributed to my professional success.


What do you believe has been the key to your success as a leader?


My leadership success hinges on four principles: dedication, focus, delegation, and action. Leading by example and actively participating in the work is crucial. In building organizations, especially from the early stages, it’s vital to lead from the frontlines, investing time, energy, and determination. Having a team that you can trust is essential, as well as a clear purpose. I’m driven to assist financial advisors in growing their business.


Can you share your guiding philosophy or mantra?

My philosophy revolves around simplifying the process for financial professionals to conduct their business. I firmly believe that whatever role I’m in, my purpose is to make it easier for advisors to engage with us or to conduct business more efficiently, even if they choose not to join us. I want every interaction to leave them with the thought, “This could help me.” Personally, my family is a strong motivator, and I aspire to leave a meaningful legacy for my daughter, hoping she gains valuable insights that may inspire her to become a business owner.


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Richard S. Pyper
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