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Rick Abbott

Navigating the health care system is stressful for everyone, but for the millions of Americans with multiple chronic conditions, it can be a nightmare. Rick Abbott, a 20-year veteran of the healthcare field, knows this all-too-well. He also knows that a little love, empathy, and compassion can make a lasting difference in the lives of people who need it the most. That’s why in December 2021, he launched Lyn Health, a “human-centric” health care firm tailored to those with polychronic conditions. With a combination of virtual and in-person care, they provide customized and holistic clinical, advocacy, and care coordination services, collaborating with employers, health plans, and providers to be a much-needed enhancement to the current care environment.


Working only in healthcare since college, Rick was most recently VP of product and market solutions for Premera Blue Cross, chief growth officer at Imagine Health, and also has a decade of experience in startup leadership, making him perfectly suited for the role of CEO and co-founder of Lyn. And that’s evident in how, in less than a year after launching, Lyn Health is already seeing customer growth across regional and national health plans, health systems, and Fortune 500 employers. Rick has been named a Top 25 Emerging Leader by Modern Healthcare, and a 2020 Disruptor of the Year by Puget Sound Business Journal. “The current system is failing those who need it most, and I believe we can no longer sit idly as more and more people struggle to find the support they need,” he says.


Rick, how is Lyn’s Care Circle simplifying health care delivery for people with chronic conditions?

People with multiple chronic conditions deal with burdensome, disorganized, and disintegrated services. Lyn’s Care Circle is a multidisciplinary, coordinated group of physicians, behavioral health practitioners, and nurses, who work collaboratively to simplify health care and unburden patients so they can focus on what matters most—their families and their lives. People enroll through their employer or health plan, and we work in a personalized manner to meet their health and well-being goals. In doing so, we restore hope to many who have been left behind by the traditional healthcare system.


How can people benefit in terms of cost?

People with polychronic conditions have a higher likelihood of being hospitalized and have more complex treatment regiments. Lyn ensures their treatments are aligned to the specific needs of each and every patient. Because we’re always available via phone, text, or video, we can serve our patients in a manner that meets them where they are at, each and every day.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

The fact that we’re helping people that have been left behind by our current healthcare system. We’re restoring hope to people who are struggling not just from a medical perspective, but oftentimes in other aspects of their life, and to be able to help them see a path forward is endlessly fulfilling. I’ve been fortunate to learn from so many incredible mentors throughout the years, and my constant focus is “paying it forward” to help develop and inspire the next generation of health care innovators.


Rick Abbott

Co-Founder & CEO — Lyn Health



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