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Rick and Larisa appear in the Top 100

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Rick Couronne & Larisa Wells

As the vice presidents of Cape Cove, one of Canada’s premiere exempt market dealers, Rick Couronne (whose name means “crown” in English) and Larisa Wells are a rare combination of expertise, seldom seen in the investment industry. Rick’s thirty years of experience in the financial markets is perfectly complemented by Larisa’s analytical skills, as a Doctor of Mathematical Economics. The result of this pairing created a catalyst which resulted in a private equity firm that is built upon integrity and experience, Wells & Crown Investments. Rick and Larisa are co-founders of the firm, a brand of Cape Cove, where, as private equity specialists, they work with high-net-worth individuals to identify promising investment opportunities and create diversified portfolios. 

Rick Couronne serves as vice president of business development for Western Canada at Cape Cove, where he focuses on recruiting talent and advancing the reach and scope of the firm. In this appointment, and as the co-founder of Wells & Crown Investments, he brings 34 years of experience in senior executive roles across the public and private sectors, from vice president of sales, to the president and CEO of a private equity firm. He also brings the insight of a seasoned finance veteran, whose earlier career included positions as a pro trader, stockbroker, and investment advisor. Now, as a private equity expert, Rick’s clients receive the benefit of this expertise and experience, as he works closely with them to explain the valuable benefits of a diversified portfolio. “The stock market is never predictable, so it’s important for people to understand the benefits of private equity,” he explains. “Larisa has a Ph.D. in mathematical economics, and we combine our skills and knowledge to build tailored portfolios that consider and mitigate risk factors. I am fortunate to have Dr. Wells as a business partner, as are our clients.”

Larisa Wells joined Rick four years ago and within that time, quickly rose to the position of vice president. She now focuses on operations and identifying ways in which to expand the range of services that both Cape Cove and Wells & Crown Investments offer. Larisa holds a Ph.D. in mathematical economics and has over 20 years of experience as a university professor. Her career encompasses banking, education, and private equity, making her a powerful amalgam of learned academic and financial expert. Larisa’s unique talents allow her to proficiently educate her clients about investment opportunities within the private equity and alternative spaces. Drawing on her broad network of business leaders and portfolio managers, she is able to create diversified portfolios that are built for growth. “As a team, I think what makes Rick and I unique is our combined backgrounds. He is a financial guru, who has been on both sides of the market, and as an economics expert, I’m able to identify advantageous tax-efficient investments and strategies. Together, we create portfolios that provide a balance of security, cash-flow, and upside potential,” she shares.

About Wells & Crown Investments

With the motto “Doing good is good business,” Wells & Crown Investments is a brand within Cape Cove, specializing in private equity investment and portfolio management for high-net-worth individuals. With the clients’ best interests at their core, Wells & Crown Investments focuses on identifying sound financial opportunities, combined with sound tax strategies, to create diversified portfolios that have the best potential for growth.

About Cape Cove

Cape Cove is an emerging portfolio management firm that offers traditional and alternative investment solutions in the securities market. The combination of a flexible management style and progressive brokerage offerings contribute to their ultimate goal, which is to deliver value while maintaining a stellar reputation for customer service.

Rick Couronne | VP Business Development Western Canada | Exempt Market DR

Larisa Wells, Ph.D. Economics | Vice President Western Canada

First Executive Center 800  |  350 7th Avenue, Calgary, AB T2P4N1  |

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