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Rick Montz

Rick Montz, the founder and president of Untold Management, is a trailblazer in the sports management industry, renowned for defying expectations and fostering the careers of top-tier tennis players.

Rick’s journey from a clerk in the mailroom to a powerhouse sports manager at Creative Artists Agency exemplifies his tenacity and keen eye for talent. During his tenure at CAA, he played a pivotal role in revolutionizing tennis representation, learning the agency from the inside out, spearheading its expansion into the sport and establishing its prominence on the global stage. Recognizing the untapped potential of emerging talents, Rick signed a roster of international tennis clients, including Frances Tiafoe, Taylor Fritz, Jack Sock, and the illustrious Ashleigh Barty. Under his guidance, these athletes ascended to the top echelons of the ATP and WTA World Tours, cementing CAA's position as a dominant force in tennis management.

Armed with an enviable affinity for strategy and an instinctive approach to talent scouting, Rick was propelled to success as he traversed the globe to uncover promising prospects and secure lucrative endorsement deals. His audacious decision to sign a then-unknown 14-year-old Ash Barty proved to be a stroke of genius, laying the foundation for CAA Tennis's meteoric rise.

However, Rick’s departure from CAA Tennis marked a turning point in his career, prompting him to embark on a new venture with Untold Management. Motivated by a desire to foster transparency and authenticity in the sports and entertainment industry, Rick founded Untold as a sanctuary for talent and disruptors seeking a refuge from conventional norms. Untold Management represents Rick's commitment to challenging the status quo and embracing the paradoxical nature of success. By prioritizing honesty, vulnerability, and unconventional strategies, he aims to redefine the role of a sports agent, transcending traditional boundaries and forging genuine connections with clients.


Rick’s vision for Untold extends beyond mere representation; it encompasses a philosophy of empowerment and collaboration, where talent is nurtured, and creativity is celebrated. As he navigates the uncharted territory of entrepreneurship once again, he remains steadfast in his pursuit of authenticity and innovation, ensuring that Untold Management emerges as a beacon of integrity in an industry often overshadowed by commercial interests and the bottom line.

In essence, Rick Montz's journey from CAA Tennis to Untold Management epitomizes the transformative power of resilience, intuition, and unwavering dedication to one's principles. His legacy serves as a testament to the enduring impact of daring to defy convention and embracing the unknown with unwavering courage. As he continues to chart new territory with Untold Management, Rick invites others to join him on a journey of discovery, authenticity, and untold possibilities.


Rick Montz
Founder and President
Untold Management
Instagram: @untoldmanagement

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