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Rick Orozco

A seasoned innovator and entrepreneur, Rick Orozco learned first-hand how to build companies from the ground up. In addition to his 17 years of experience working with mortgages and real estate, he also boasts an extensive background in the lead generation and music industries. Rick is currently the owner of a network of businesses including Amped Lead Generation, Amped Digital Solutions, Amped Business Solutions, Amped Business Management, Amped Database Management, and Latin Twang Entertainment.


After graduating from high school, Rick enrolled at Incarnate Word University in San Antonio, TX to study nuclear medicine. However, he soon discovered that he was not suited for the medical profession and decided to seek another career path. He transferred to Belmont University in Nashville after signing a recording contract with Arista Records. He began to have instant success with his compositions and was signed to EMI Nashville Publishing. He left school and pursued his music passion. It took him around the world with multiple hit recordings as well as multiple Grammy nominations. Rick got his start in the mortgage industry in 2004, when he accepted a management position at a small, privately held mortgage group in San Antonio, Texas. From there, he went on to serve as a regional manager for a few banks before moving up to become a division manager for 15 years. In 2019, Rick joined the Meriden, Connecticut-based financial services firm, Planet Home Lending, where he worked as the vice president of sales.


Rick’s newest conglomerate of companies with the Amped brand was founded in 2017, when he was serving as a division manager for Columbus Capital Lending, headquartered in Miami, Florida. The lead generation company was created because mortgage and finance businesses rely heavily on the loan officers to bring the business relationships to the bank. Consequently, if the employee leaves, the bank loses the revenue. Amped Lead Generation is beneficial as it allows Rick to control where his clientele comes from and eliminates the risk of losing an account if an officer relocates. The web-based company currently runs over 2,200 websites that generates leads across the United States.


“Since owning 100 sites is better than one in one arena,” Rick learned how to dominate a market by studying algorithms and purchasing domains. After buying domains in 27 cities to cover all home and mortgage searches, he decided to make his own information technology (IT) company so he can pay himself to build his own sites. As a result, Amped Digital Solutions was born. Based out of Kolkata, India, six employees work for Rick building websites and creating software, and mobile apps for other companies.


In order to properly monitor the customer relationship management of his businesses and to get a maximum return on investments, Rick needed to integrate a recording and callback system. Therefore, he created Amped Database Management. In place of using multiple separate outside CRM systems, the company offers business marketing automation and contact management software that allows team members to manage all marketing and customer prospecting from an all-in-one command center.


Of course, Rick did not forget the busy clients who need extra assistance. That is why he founded Amped Business Solutions, a virtual assistant that frees up time by helping with daily tasks. The Philippines-based company also offers a lead generation platform, appointment setting, social media marketing campaigns, website building, video production, software development, and many other business services partnered with their India counterpart.  


In addition to finance and lead generation, Rick never lost his passion for music. He has maintained his music business since high school and has now entered the film industry in producing his documentary, This is My Country, about the Latin influence in American music. He has also written two books, I Got Life, a spiritual motivational book, and now has become a best-selling author on Amazon with his new book, written with the legendary Brian Tracy, Think Big. There is no doubt Rick lives up to that title. He has certainly lived his life thinking big and going after his dreams.




Rick Orozco

Chief Executive Officer

Amped Lead Generation, LLC

San Antonio, Texas






Facebook: www.facebook.com/rickorozcomusic

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rick-orozco-9564542a/

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