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Ricky Gleason

Ricky Gleason attended college at Texas A&M Kingsville with a focus in business management. He never really saw himself working in the financial field, and as a college football player, always imagined he would end up doing something with kinesiology. Ricky’s start in the finance world began after he was approached by an associate helping him at the bank who thought he would make a great bank teller and she encouraged him to apply. Ricky’s interest was piqued, so he applied and was hired for the job. He found that he really enjoyed serving and interacting with people. He took to the work well and quickly advanced to bank manager, then a private banker, regional private banker, and, eventually, became a financial advisor. After becoming an advisor, Ricky found he did not want to work for a big corporation anymore, as he had done for many years. He felt he could better serve his clients on a more personal level at a smaller firm. In 2018, he landed a role as a financial advisor with Prime Capital Investment Advisors in his hometown of Boerne, Texas. “I love that the company puts our customers first, and that we are able to provide clients with the highest level of professionalism possible,” he says. “I love the company and want to be with them for the rest of my career.”


Prime Capital Investment Advisors, headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, provides clients with a variety of financial strategies, including wealth insurance, private equity, and direct venture capital solutions, as well as traditional and alternative investments. Founded in 1985 as a wealth insurance firm. In 1999, it had only 10 employees, and has since grown to over 200 employees and $12.4 billion in assets under management. “The unique aspect is that we have a diverse and intelligent group on our investment advisory committee,” Ricky says. “We build and manage the models our clients are in which frees up time for us to help clients. Also, the client has 13 people looking after their assets—not just me.” Today, Ricky focuses on a lot of investment management for small business clients, as well as a select group of high-net-worth individuals but we will never turn away a client in need of service. Boerne is a town full of small business owners, and Ricky enjoys helping businesses and his community thrive. He has also helped his county become one of the wealthiest in the state per capita. “There are a lot of amazing people to work with,” he says.


Ricky’s success with clients, both individuals and businesses, comes from the careful attention he gives to each and every one. His role as a bank teller taught him the importance of thinking on one’s feet, as well as interacting with and taking care of customers in a way that is precisely tailored to each person and their unique needs. “It’s really a talent to master,” he says. If the rate of his clients’ satisfaction is an indication, Ricky has certainly mastered it. And his team has, too. PCIA’s approach is personalized and team oriented. “We simplify complex matters for clients. My colleagues are all incredible, and all have different specialties. We have so many great team members that all come together to help the client.”


In addition to helping clients, Ricky is deeply committed to his Boerne community. Currently, he’s working with Hope for Heroes, Texas, which provides support and service for first responders in different areas of the state. He also served on the city’s planning and zoning committee, and currently serves on the Boerne Read's board and Boerne Public Library Foundation.


Ricky Gleason

Financial Advisor — PCIA Wealth



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