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Rishma appears in the Top 100
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Rishma Nathoo

TESORO in Italian means “treasure,” both literally and figuratively. Its meaning and connotation rely on the speaker’s intention. One might say, perhaps, that the change in meaning from one usage to the next is driven by purpose. That idea of a purpose-driven change, and the resulting value it can hold, is exactly what Rishma Nathoo wanted to capture when she chose the name for her company, TESORO.  As founder and CEO, intentional change that powers potential and drives continuous, beneficial growth, is precisely what she offers her clients.


Rishma has never passed up an opportunity for learning, gaining experience across industries, sectors, and cultures through her travels and volunteer engagements on international social development projects. It is this unique skill set that allows Rishma to assist her clients with organizational, technological, and sustainability changes. “I remind organizations that they got into business for a reason, and ask them, ‘How are you impact-improving the lives of your customers of today and tomorrow? What’s your social impact?’” she explains. She then advises them on how to leverage their knowledge and capabilities to power potential in themselves and in others as they work towards their respective goals. “I like to work on initiatives that are impact-driven for the organization, its people and the people for whom they serve,” she says.


Rishma Nathoo holds both an executive MBA and Master of Education degree, as well as an ESG designation.


Rishma Nathoo

Founder & CEO — TESORO



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