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Ritesh Jain

Ritesh Jain is the founder of Pinetree Macro, a renowned investment vehicle that empowers resident Indians to access global investment opportunities. With over two decades of expertise in financial markets, Ritesh specializes in dissecting intricate connections and translating them into actionable investment and business concepts. Throughout his illustrious career, he has made substantial contributions to portfolio growth, skillfully managing domestic and offshore funds, and spearheading business development for institutional clients and distributors.

Founded in 2022, Pinetree Macro is a dynamic investment platform tailored for resident Indians seeking global investment opportunities.


Complementing this initiative, Nrizen, their specialized platform, extends the same privilege to non-resident Indians across the globe, allowing them to partake in India's burgeoning investment landscape. Ritesh shares, “The shift towards increasing wealth among Indians has been a significant trend in recent years. Traditionally, Indians predominantly directed their investments within their home country. However, the realization of the importance of diversification in wealth accumulation has led to a transformative shift in investment strategies.”

Ritesh holds a master's degree in business economics, an executive MBA, and completed a comprehensive study of Austrian economics at the New Austrian School in Munich. He earned recognition as one of LinkedIn's Top Three Influencers in the world of economy and finance in 2019. Furthermore, his exceptional performance led to the consecutive three-time reception of the Lipper Bond House Award and the prestigious title of Fund Manager of the Year by CNBC.


Ritesh Jain
Pinetree Macro

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