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Robby Shaul

In the intricate landscape of healthcare finance, Robby Shaul demonstrates the leadership, vision, and dedication to oversee the continual progression of PMMC. As the second-generation president, he has guided it from its consulting foundation to preeminent provider of revenue cycle software and solutions for the healthcare industry.

As the president of PMMC, a provider of services that improve the financial performance of hospitals and physician groups, Robby is entrusted to assist clients in identifying revenue opportunities, recognizing challenges, and devising strategies to maintain financial stability. With an academic aptitude fortified by a BA in economics from The University of the South and an MBA from the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida, Robby’s blend of innovative insight and practical hands-on experience redefine the traditional standards of healthcare financial management.

Robby's career with PMMC began in 2009, when he was afforded the opportunity to immerse himself into every aspect of their operations, ultimately giving him a comprehensive insight and experiences that would shape PMMC’s growth. Honoring the culture of empowerment and innovation ingrained within PMMC, Robby's tenure unfolded with a diverse array of roles, each offering a nuanced perspective on revenue management, healthcare challenges, and client-centric solutions. Further, his exposure to the intricacies of revenue management and managed care processes cultivated a deep-rooted understanding of the challenges plaguing healthcare providers. With this insight, Robby has spearheaded transformative growth strategies, furthering PMMC's high-value revenue cycle software and services.

Founded in 1986, PMMC emerged as a consulting firm that collaborated with hospitals and physician practices. It has since transitioned into financial software development, resulting in access to accurate data for enhanced business insights, improved insurance relationships, and greater negotiating efficacy. Additionally, PMMC alleviates the administrative burden for hospitals, leveraging AI to pinpoint strategic areas for resource allocation and automating communication processes to minimize human intervention, and maximize its clients’ revenue.

A fundamental distinction between PMMC and other organizations in their sector is their strategic mindset. While many are focused on building towards an exit strategy or securing the next funding round, PMMC's values are centered on fostering hypergrowth within the healthcare industry. This growth is a sincere commitment to assisting as many hospitals as possible. Recognizing hospitals and health systems as vital community cornerstones, PMMC endeavors to support their invaluable contributions by facilitating their success.

In a landscape rife with challenges, PMMC emerges as a distinguished guide, navigating the web of healthcare finance with finesse and foresight. In Robby’s career, we discover that the underlying and universal theme is empowerment, empathy, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. PMMC leaps towards a future where healthcare providers thrive and are empowered to fulfill their critical mission of saving lives.



Robby Shaul






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