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Robert Hendrix-Ojeda


With over a decade of experience working as a process engineer for multiple large pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, Robert Hendrix-Ojeda developed a knack for making things better through the design and implementation of novel manufacturing processes and equipment. Launching his own venture in 2022, N+1 Process Engineering Solutions focuses on partnering with organizations to de-risk product or manufacturing innovation. Looking out for the client’s best interest, the organization works to foster relationships that are outside of the norm, comfortably playing the role of either owner’s rep, or product development partner across all manufacturing modalities. “Anyone who sees the name of our company understands the mathematical joke for redundancy,” he states. “That’s exactly what we aim to do.”


With a client base that ranges from emerging startups to large enterprises, N+1 Process Engineering Solutions services a broad scope of pharmaceutical technology developers and manufacturers. “One of the largest challenges in the pharma space is translating customer needs into next generation products. Especially with new modalities,” Robert says. “We’ve tried to solve this by accurately packaging design experience as an owner representative into real world design specifications and needs for product innovators with a forward thinking holistic view.” One such example is an ongoing partnership with Equilibar to translate their core technology into a novel system to improve purification of viral vectors. “This is the type of collaboration that we really started the company to do,” he explains. “We were able to identify an existing technology that when applied toward a new application looks to really make an impact.”


Prior to launching the company, Robert spent the last few years working as part of the Innovation Team at Thermal Fisher, helping to design single use manufacturing processes and creating a first-of-its kind modular supply chain strategy and modular single use workflow.


“One of the things I’m most thankful for in starting the company is our relationships with organizations dedicated to move the industry forward,” he shares. “Giving them data in a more contextualized way—either by validating assumptions or providing a completely new direction—ultimately improves new products.”


Robert holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering with specialties in chemistry and bioengineering from Pennsylvania State University. He’s currently pursuing a master’s degree.


Robert Hendrix-Ojeda

Founder & Owner — N+1 Process Engineering Solutions



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