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Robert Johnson


In the heart of the bustling tech landscape, amidst the flurry of startups and digital innovation, stands a man whose journey defies convention. Robert Johnson, the co-founder of Think Tank AMC, wears his decades of experience like a badge of honor, each year etching stories of growth and transformation into his professional repertoire.


Entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and, most of all, purpose, resonate in the very core of Robert's being. His drive is fueled not by profit, but by a desire to impact lives and steer industries toward meaningful change. For over twenty years, he navigated the unpredictable currents of software tech, scaling companies from their nascent stages to veritable industry forces. His tenure at a Denver-based software firm saw him elevate from a sales maverick to a pivotal figure, steering the ship as it surged from 35 employees to a formidable 350. But Robert's ambitions knew no bounds. In 2020, he embarked on a new odyssey, bringing Think Tank AMC into existence. The nationwide appraisal management company, operational across 25 states, stood as a testament to his dedication to customer service.


Frustrated by lackluster experiences with appraisal companies during his own real estate ventures, Robert and his partner seized the opportunity to rewrite the narrative. His partner's words, "Let's start a company and do things better," ignited a fire, propelling them to craft an entity where human interaction wasn't a relic of the past.


Robert's orbit expanded further as the VP of business development at Concept3D. This SaaS company orchestrated interactive mapping solutions for global giants, a role that harmonized seamlessly with his ethos of innovation. Through it all, networking remained his North Star. A self-professed 'corporate athlete,' he pursued professional development with the tenacity of an athlete training for the Olympics, constantly honing his skills to elevate his game.


Beneath the layers of professional rigor lies a man who finds solace in his roles as a husband and father. Robert's purpose crystallizes in his family – a wife and two daughters who infuse his life with boundless joy.


As he stands at the crossroads of his journey, the world wonders what this modern-day renaissance man will endeavor upon next. With an entrepreneurial spirit that courses through his veins and a heart fueled by purpose, Robert's story is not just one of success, but of meaningful influence, a testament to the extraordinary power of weaving innovation with humanity.


Robert Johnson
Think Tank AMC


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