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Robert Martinez

What is the history and progression of your business?

Rockstar Capital Management was founded in 2011.  We started out with one property and handful of staff and we have transformed into a highly successful company, known within our industry for our online presence and commitment to be the best. In the last eight years we have grown and expanded to 21 properties and have be awarded 17 city, state and national apartment association awards.  We were also ranked 15th on the Houston Business Journal’s list of the fastest growing companies in Houston. We recently won our first National Property of the Year Award and I was the first person ever to be named Independent Owner of the Year twice.

Can you explain the mission of Rockstar Capital Management?

We are an investment and property management company.  We raise equity, syndicate and appoint experienced property managers to run our properties. As the CEO, I look for investment opportunities, raise capital, develop business plans and make sure everything is executed properly. Our commitment is to push our market forward through innovation. We’re constantly looking for new amenities and features we can offer that set us above the competition.

Do you have a niche?

We focus on value and investment opportunities, mostly Class B and Class C properties. We currently have 21 communities across Texas with an asset value of $335 million.

What is the future of Rockstar Capital Management?

Our goal is to obtain 10,000 units with an asset value of $1 billion. We are focused on growing the business. 10,000 units is the next milestone, but it’s far from the finish line. We’ll only get bigger and better from there.

What do you think has contributed to the rapid growth thus far?

We believe in ourselves and our knowledge of the industry. We play by our own rules with no committee to report to which allows us to make our own decisions and create our own strategies for success. We truly believe that if it is good for the residents, it is good for us; everything we do is with the resident renewal in mind.  Our company ranks high on the national reputation scores for online resident satisfaction, and we are very proud of that. It’s a testament to not only our methods, but also the execution of those methods by the staff at each property.

We have four properties that were recently recognized by J. Turner Research – They ranked in the Top 1% in the country out of 101,000 that were scored. To put this in perspective – there were only 27 properties in the Houston area that won this designation in 2018, and Rockstar Capital has four of them!

What type of impact do you want to make in the industry?

Legacy is a big part of what we do.  We want to ensure that we make a positive impact on our residents, our properties and our employees – but on the community as well.  As a result, we established #RockStarCares – which is the community outreach effort of our organization.  We have headlined three annual breast cancer walks in our home base of Humble, Texas (where we have eight properties) and we raised over $100k which all went towards breast cancer awareness.  We also sponsored a mammogram trailer for the event.  In addition, we work closely with the City of Houston and their food bank for homeless.  We also adopt a family every year at Christmas and support an education program we named Rockstar Scholars.

Anything else that makes you proud?

The hard work that our team puts in each day, in both professional and charity efforts, falls into a category that what we like to call #RockstarPride.  We are proud that our personalized and knowledgeable service shines through to all aspects of our communities.  We are focused on truly establishing communities and offering the best experience possible to our residents. 

We also have an incredibly unique and adventitious company culture. Every single person on this team believes that the sky is the limit and works their hardest to help us find out what lies beyond even that. We work hard to create solid relationships and build lasting connections with each other. It shows in every aspect of our work.

I was recently honored by the Houston Business Journal as one of 60 Most Admired CEO’s in Houston, but it isn’t my accolade alone. Without a team working with me to help me reach my goals, I wouldn’t be here today. It’s their heart that makes Rockstar what it is.


Robert Martinez, CEO

Rockstar Capital Management LLC

2204 Louisiana Street #200

Houston, TX 77002

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