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Robert Watterson

Robert Watterson is the owner of Watterson Financial Solutions Inc. Based in Mississauga and Caledon, Ontario, Canada, the family-run firm provides financial planning, accounting, compliance, insurance, asset protection and tax services to all sizes of companies and governments throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean. With 38 years of experience as a forensic accountant, Robert founded the company in 1988 with a motto that proclaims its mission: “Advice with clarity and understanding.”

As a forensic accountant, Robert and his team use their unique skills and insight to provide clients both an analysis of their current financial situation and a view into the future. “We don’t do just the bookkeeping for clients. We make sure they understand it, and then advise them on the numbers,” he shares. “We use our forensic accounting experience to ensure the future for each of our clients is clear and that they are aware of their current situation as well as insight toward the future of their business.”

Robert began his career in 1978 in the Canadian Department of National Defence, where he served for 12 years, first learning the field, and then growing into an expert forensic accountant. It was here that the value of education and the drive to share his knowledge was instilled in him. “I learned in the military that education is something you should never walk away from, so every time I have an opportunity to learn something, I do, and I share that knowledge,” he explains. “Rather than just servicing the accounting and financial needs of my clients, I inform them.” With a commitment to educate, Robert and his team share their expertise through seminars and training programs.

In its early days, Watterson Financial focused primarily on small businesses and on Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) issues as well as personal and corporate taxation. Since then, its client base has grown, as has the size of its clients, with the firm now responsible for all the accounting and compliance for large corporations, handling million-dollar government audits and taxation issues. Having written some of the rules that govern government accounting, Robert is skilled at the financial issues inherent to government agencies, corporations, and individuals, as well as reporting to tax agencies.

Robert’s pursuit of new knowledge and skills has not waned since his military days. He returned to school several times and acquired his pilot’s license, became a licensed financial advisor (insurance and investments) and broker, a certified professional bookkeeper, and a specialized blockchain degree. Working with the government Blockchain Association, he advises governments on blockchain and digital currency issues. Last year, he created a virtual, automated bookkeeping system called, Audit Ready Bookkeeping, which allows clients to store in the cloud permanent records of receipts and bank statements by taking a picture of them. Kept in six different backup locations, the photos are CRA acceptable, and the computer reads the receipt and codes the data into the bookkeeping program and tax tracking for the client.

Although the firm has grown, Robert remains a champion of small businesses. “To obtain an education beyond high school I joined the Canadian Armed Forces where I studied government accounting and became a forensic accountant. Because of our background, we understand what people go through every day to build their business, and we work very closely with the companies because we know how much work is needed to be successful today,” he explains.

Robert runs the company with his wife, Sandy. “Sandy is my personal assistant who tells me where I need to be. We’ve been married 37 years and Sandy has been my assistant most of that time,” he shares.


Robert Watterson

Owner — Watterson Financial Solutions Inc.

100-4310 Sherwoodtowne Blvd.

Mississauga, ON L4Z 4C4

Facebook: Watterson Financial; Robert Watterson


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